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Win VOOPOO Vmate, An Elegant & Lightweight Kit with Decent Flavor--9/10


#5 That it has the Gene chip is also a positive.

  1. The aesthetic of the mod is very appealing to me. It catches my eye in every advertisement. I don’t think I would like the button placement. I prefer a mod with a little weight and more substantial feel.

  1. I’m thinking the Aspire Skystar. It’s only downside for me is that it is so light.

  1. VooPoo has yet to produce a mod that I really find attractive all around. Nothing that has made me think “wow”.


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Not counting the Ego-style crap I started with, probably the Smoant Battlestar. Most of my mods have a bit of weight to them.


Love that the wattage goes to 200w. I am a fan of the gene chip. The color options are a bonus.


The cuboid mini was very light.


The Voopoo drag is the only one I have used and I love it!


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I own a VMATE already, therefore I’m not participating, but I wanted to say thank you for the tag @IzNoGoat and @jhmiller and raise the participants count :wink:

Good luck everybody :hugs:


Post 1. Thoughts? I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews so I am interested.


Post 2. Lightest mod? A pulse squonker.


Post 3. The only voopoo I have is this and like it.



Post 4. Tag some folks. @dexterace @Dan_the_Man @Derek3 @DImport @DonkeyW33ner


#1 First off anything with the name VOOPOO just cracks me up. If I were to vape on this nice looking Vmate kit,
I just hope and don’t break out in hysterical laughter.


#2 Unfortunately I have never weighed any of my mod/tank combos, but they are definitely less than 12 Oz.