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Wonder Flavors


Well they suggest %6 to %9 in total.
I mixed all flavors with fixed %8 ratio and all came out pretty good, for single mixes I don’t suggest more than %9.
So if you compare, WF is close to TFA. You can say they are in middle.

The thing is, the percentages they suggest are really accurate and its totally fine by me. Even though the flavors are not super concentrate, if i know that I will be happy with the suggested percentages, its fine.

! Unlike RF SC line. Because I also mixed plenty of RF SC line ( more than 20 )with fixed %2 ratio and they are all tasteless @ %2. I need to add extra flavor, need to spend lots of time again, really annoying.

If the percentages are accurate and if you know what you will get, it’s a fair deal for me.


Thank you for your post we have learned many things from the industry. Since releasing the original 25 flavours we have now released super concentrates. We have 9 new ones already available and will be releasing 15 more in the next few weeks.

Link them to: https://www.wonderflavours.com/collections/super-concentrates

Thank you again for your interest and to anyone who felt they were not as strong as they could be we hope we bring to the table what you except from us.


Hello, i am looking to try out these flavors. Did you have any luck with the pecans ?


It was a little weak for my taste, but the flavor was ok. I probably won’t buy it again.


Almost a year past and still no update of its diketone contents, if any?


Yeah, they seemed to have put a blanket “May contain diketones.” on all of their flavors because (I believe) they are too lazy to get them tested.


Based on what?

Maybe they did test em and they all have diketones? Or maybe they have found there is just as many who don’t believe in vaping causes pop corn lung as those that do.

No one is forcing you to buy and try


Please tell me when I mentioned popcorn lung. Or where you found the results for them actually getting the numbers on them testing.

Get off my ass.


Don’t get upset - merely pointing out that you are sledging a company and calling them lazy based on nothing but speculation. TBH IDGAF if they test or don’t test so why would I go searching at all.


Well If you find results, please share as they do not have anyone active in this community nor do they post their findings.


IMHO, if they did test their flavors and have found diketones, they have the responsibility to inform the public since they also kinda entered the vaping industry and flavors with diketones are marked with warnings on them for a reason.
For those who don’t care, fine, don’t care then. But for those who do, I’m sure they would appreciate it if they would update us with their findings.


The owner is constantly chatting in many FB groups if you want to try to get answers. Very responsive on their FB page as well. Good luck :slight_smile:


I just bought the super concentrate bundle and mixed up coconut cream pie w wafer crust, didnt look like I was putting much in but when I mixed it with the frother the smell was incredible. I need to let it steep for awhile (suggested 7 days)
SO when I vape it next week I will let you know my thoughts.


That’s what I heard but could not see the groups he is in (may be private or invite only). Would appreciate posting here the links to the groups.


Their FB page. He checks it often if you want to ask questions.



I have tried Nanamio Bar, Grenadine and White chocolate fudge. All of them are ok but none of them would I buy again tbh. All better than ones I tried from the original line, which I didnt like at all, but these super concentrates are all a bit light and one dimensional, If I was comparing them to another brand it would be the majority of Liquid Barn flavours (minus there great ones like the ice cream)


Big thanks!


WF said that they do NOT use diacetyl on any of their flavors. So I guess they’re like Capella on this matter, if you find diacetyl on any of their flavors, it’s naturally occurring.
As for AP, they said that they will get back to me with the list after the holiday.




Either your saying it’s gonna be a while… Or you meant to type Colombus day and auto-correct kicked for the bleachers? LMAO


Canadian thanksgiving. :wink: