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Wotofo Bravo RTA review by the Durbanator


That’s a really nice rta both inside and out. I wants it. Great review @Cloud98


Y’all been using the bubble glass? Or regular one?


Wow, that’s a really weird issue you ran into. So sorry to hear you had issues. I have had the Bravo for around 3 months now, vaping at 80W on their coils that came with the Atty. I loved this damned thing. Flavor was so much better than on my TFV8 that came with my ProColour. The only issues I ever had with the Bravo was leakage due to some sketchy wicking I have done when in a hurry and the final problem that made it a thing of the past. The top half turn cap or whatever they call it has come off on me a couple times, no doubt my own fault from not tightening it enough. The last time while I was hiking through the bush, climbing over fallen trees from a Microburst. I ended up with no lid and a pocket full of juice. A very sad time. Now i have to replace it and through all the reviews I have looked at I cannot find an RTA that I would rather buy. The combination of liquid capacity, monstrous flavor, build simplicity and quality of build put it in a class of it’s own in my mind. Now hopefully one of the local vape shops has one so I don’t have to wait the 3 weeks to get another by mail!!!