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Wotofo Lush Plus RDA Giveaway: Multiple Build Options, Superb Flavor Experience


All SS Alien with 3x28g/ 36g alien. 6 wraps around a 3mm bit. Flavor for days in an rta!


@MisterSinner @TheTinMan1


seems easy to build on


air flow option


if i win i might use alien


clapton coil 6 wraps


@rob62 @Ken_O_Where


I like the design. The offset posts gives lots of options for builds.


It looks pretty damn good from what I’ve seen but I wouldn’t know until I tried it.


Smok Alien


Currently using some 24/36 SS316L claptons, 3.0mm id and 7 wraps.


@fidalgo_vapes @Underanne


I like the looks of it but to realize the practicality of it I would have to try it.


I’m new to building but if there where one hole on each side of the deck it would be easier to do vertical builds over one hole…in all reality though I don’t see me going through the effort for that.


This is easy because I only have one, the innokin kroma


I’ve been liking 24 to 26 gauge SS316L with 10-12 wraps. Currently, I gravitate towards single coil builds or trying to get medium sized hits, not the giant juice sucking clouds. I’m more about flavor.


Last day for this contest.
Hurry up and good luck!:wink:


I think the build deck may not accommodate all dual coil builds.


I can’t think of anything to improve the build deck. I would have to have it in my hands.


I’m probably going to pair it with my ipv5 to start.