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Wotofo Recurve RDA Review


I felt I should update you on this.

After the last 24hrs or so and never once being over squonked this is what I see.

It looks worse in this picture than it is in real life and I must say it is no worse than any other atty I have…Maybe even not as bad as most.

Also I had mentioned how heavy it feels so here is an update.

Wasp 22.94g
Hadaly 27.75g
Recurve 45.94g

After replying to you about the heat issue some are reporting I decided to put it on a mech mod. I used a Kennedy V2 tube mod with a freshly charged Samsung 25r with the same build as I mentioned above SS 316L3mm ID fused Clapton reading 0.26 ohms. I sat down and pretty much chain vaped it as long as I could stand. Yes it got warm to the touch but not even close to hot. I am not sure what reviewer said it gets hot or what kind of build/mod they were using but I have been unable to make mine anything more than slightly warm. I have to say also it surprises me how fast it cools back down as well.


The silver version is now in stock just in case anybody wants one. So far the silver version is the only one I am seeing anyplace that is in stock.


Thanks for the great review