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10Winners for IJOY Mystique Disposable Mesh Tank-1/5



I think it would be convenient to have a disposable sub-ohm tank for emergencies. I build coils, so if something happens to my coils or tank while I am out, I can’t simply replace my coil, so to have one of these in my vape bag would make me feel better that I will be all set no matter what.



I like that this is a .15 ohm, but I would recommend offering more choices for people who prefer maybe a .30, or even higher…



I like the color options, but personally, I would probably like to go with the clear, black, or purple…


1 i don’t know, need to try


2 no( i don’t


3 i like fruit juices


4 new mod)


5 now i waiting for my Ipha swis


6 Vaptio spin it kit6 Vaptio spin it kit


7 From UA)


8 thanks for the giveaway)

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Congratulations to the winners!
Thanks @3avape for the contest!


I like seeing lots of ppl win, congrats all!
Ty @3avape


Thank you for the giveaway! I really don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, because I was one of the winners, but I only counted 9 winners including myself, and I thought there were supposed to be 10 winners according to the above quote…

Congrats to the winners: @masrock, @Weanlaw, @JackSun, @dunskoy, @Conclave, @Natawa77, @PonyHead, @Elvir4ik

But again, these 8 and then myself only make 9 winners…the only other eligible winners that entered the contest in this thread that didn’t win already are @Freddie3 and @VladSumy, so at least one of them should be picked as your 10th winner, or maybe both since there were only 11 possible winners for 10 prizes, maybe just be generous and give 11 prizes!

Okay, now I know I sound greedy, but I just want to make sure that if 10 prizes were available that 10 prizes are actually given out!

Thanks again for the giveaway!


TY @SunnyT I can pass on this one. I had only 5 real entries. Vlad had the full 8, if they want to add 1 more, looks like he would be happy to get it. :wink:


thank you @3avape for the giveaway, and congrats to the other winners.


I have tried to pick 10 winners,but pick up the same winner who alreay win 5 times, so I give up and annouce 9 winners only.
No problem that I can pick up one more winner, then @freddie3 and @vladsumy please send me your shipping informations as well.
Hope 3avape can bring a happy day for you all here.


Thank you so much! You guys are awesome, thanks again for the giveaway! Congrats to @VladSumy and @Freddie3!!!


Cool! Thank you!


I actually yried this tank and the flavor isnt bad at all… The fill port sucks and if you get the black one be prepared for dry hit , bc you can’t see where the juice level is … But overall its not a horroble tank