18650 Battery Shipping Fiasco

Yes but in the context of this thread. The batteries are used for vape mods…

Really don’t see laptop top batteries explode while teenager was surfing the web…

But see lots about vape mod batteries exploding or catching fire…

If anything had happened in the shipping process, batteries wouldn’t be the cause… for the news it would be

batteries shipped by a vape company


Vape batteries explode while being shipped

Dang all this talk about batteries reminds me it’s about time to replace mine… they almost 6mnths old.


Complacency kills.


Just like Alkaline batteries, they do not get respect when it comes to handling and disposal.

Yes, the batteries exploding won’t be the cause, its the people that have not been educated on the dangers and proper handling of the batteries, they are just the source of the explosion/fire.


oh wow i didnt see that coming at all

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I’m glad they didn’t go off in anyone’s car/home/arms.

Can’t think of any acceptable excuse that would forgive this. A company needs to be responsible for proper training on potentially dangerous items handling.


Apologies to @woftam for the minor drift, but wanted to say this…

Not sure why you believe that, but you need either better batteries, or a better charger. (Ok, worst case: both. lol)

I have 2 pairs of Samsung 25r5’s are two years old (100% active use/charge cycles during this time) and both are still kicking ass. (One pair in the charger and the other in the mod.)

On average, Pair 1 charges to 1800mah, and Pair 2 charges to 1900mah. (Bear in mind, these are only 2500mah rated when new!)

There’s just no substitute for a quality charger (Opus BTC) and quality batteries…


After about 6 months they start having to be put just right in the charger…

Probably need better batteries than what the local vape shop sells for $12.

Edit : they develop a dent in the bottom…

Just don’t buy em from HG :wink:

Yea, with my luck they would probably catch my mailman’s truck on :fire:

Still waiting to see if @Heaven_Gifts to respond to this thread

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Check Pegasus Vapor Academy. If in stock they will be A bin batts. Side note: Tight fitting mods could be a problem because his batteries have thick wraps.

I have batteries in use that are still performing well and they’re over a year old. Recently I just had to replace my first set of 3 LG HG2’s because of a very sudden drop in performance (like every puff took 2% of the set).
I’ve other sets from around the same period that are still working as new. Compared to a new set of VTC6’s, I still get about the same out of them. Once they go bad, they go bad fast so it’s always handy to keep a set of spares. But I wouldn’t throw out a set that is still on top of its game.


I hate that. hate hate hate. Need to put this in the what do you hate thread


All I use are the LGHG2 (Properly packaged and shipped, of course). In fact, I have several pairs that are well over two years old, and far past 500 cycles and they’re still going strong. From day one, they always have a fan on them while on the charger. I do not know if this helps with the life cycle of the cells, but for me at least it’s peace of mind that the cells stay nice and cool during charging. i4 chargers. I figure, if I’m getting 2+ years out of cells, I’m not going to change anything…


The life of batteries depends on many things… temperature is one but also how they’re charged and used. Anything that is going to stress a battery is going to affect its lifespan negatively.
And even within the same brand/type, different batches can be of slightly different quality too.

I’m happy enough, they lasted me about 1.3 years and were charged every day at least once. The charger I used charged the batteries to 4.26V and that probably has something to do with it too. My new charger only goes up to 4.19V so I expect a longer life out of my batteries now.


@All friends here

Really really sorry for the issue this time. Please accept our sincerest apology.
From the help from @woftam, we have figured the reason out.
His package was packed by a new colleague who has forgot our requirement that the battery must be well packaged with a individual box.:disappointed_relieved: We will make some punishment for him later.
It’s an accident. We promised that the same situation won’t happen again.
Please trust us. All the batteries will be well packaged.

At last, thanks @woftam for pointing the issues for us. Heaven Gifts is always willing to hear customers’ voice and becomes better.:wink:


Thank you for looking into it @Heaven_Gifts hopefully it won’t happen again.


Thank you for investigating this. However, with respect, there will always be any number stupid people working in packing, and singling out one such person and [unishing him does nothing to prevent a recurrence.

The real question is : what kind of systems do you already have in place to prevent this kind of error? and how are you improving them in the light of this mistake?

  • are you making sure that all packing staff are fully trained in safety before they start work on packing these cells? ( It occurs to me that, say, dramatic video about UPS Flight 6 would help to drive home how dangerous these cells can be, and ensure that lessons re. packing them properly are not very easily forgotten!)

  • do you have a rule that casual, agency workers (if employed by you) are never put to work on packing Li-ion cells? I say this because my work experience has shown me that one can not, realistically expect hard-pressed line managers to provide proper health and safety training for a constant stream of incoming temporary workers, never mind if the rules and regulations say that they should.

  • do you avoid setting such tight deadlines that the workers will naturally skimp on health and safety in their efforts to keep up and make a good impression on management?

I’m sure that a much longer list could be made, but these questions in particular are uppermost in my mind. Having worked on the shopfloor in several similar environments, I’m all-too-aware of the kind of compromises that are commonly made in the interests of efficiency and economy. These are largely not the shopfloor workers fault; After all, is usually his own health and safey that are compomised! But in desperate times, most human beings will go along with any kind of corner-cutting for the sake of feeding their kids and paying next month’s rent. Fear of losing their job if they don’t perform efficiently tends to override every other consideration, and a culture of devil-may-care bravado can grow up.

That’s how it is in the UK, anyway. I don’t know of any reason why it should n’t be much the same in China?


Thanks for the reply and sorting it out.
A company is a collection of people and people do make mistakes, we all do it.
Hopefully a lesson is learned through this and precautions put in place to stop this from happening again.


Omg thats terrible!!

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Hopefully with Heaven Gifts response it was only a one off & won’t happen again.

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