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Replacement Top Filling Tank with Drip Tip for Kuma 22mm RTA 3.5ml


Material PEI
Suitable for Kuma RTA

Authentic MK MODS Toxic Titanium TA Integrated Drip Tip for BB Billet Boro AIO Box Mod
Material: Titanium alloy
1 PC drip tip
Suitable for BB Billet Boro AIO Box Mod

New Replacement Boro Tank for SXK BB Billet AIO Box Mod Kit


Material: Aluminum Alloy /POM

Silicone not compatible with genuine products , glass can be used with genuine products 1:1
Suitable for SXK BB / Billet Box Mod Kit and other AIO device, such as Boxx, Ion, Delro, Borohm etc

YFTK Coil Clamp for Flash e-vapor Fev v4.5s+ V4.5 RTA 2PCS


Material:316 Stainless steel
Suitable for YFTK / Ulton Flash e-vapor Fev v4.5s+, V4.5 RTA,

SXK VWM Innova Style 22mm RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer 5ml

510 thread
316 Stainless steel construction
PCTG semi-frosted tank
POM drip tip
Reduced evaporation chamber
Easy deck access and top refill (like imperia)
Fully adjustable 510 base
Side airflow

Authentic ETU Replacement Front + Back Square Cover Panel Plate for Billet Box Mod


Material Acrylic
Suitable for Billet Box Mod

SXK Wick’d Remixd Style RBA Bridge with 7 Air Inserts for Boro Devices Billet BB Mod Kit


316SS material

7 gold plated airflow inserts:

1 x 1.2mm

1 x 2.0mm

1 x 2.5mm

1 x 3.0mm

1 x 3.5mm

1 x 4.0mm

1 x 4.5mm

Suitable for Boro Devices / Billet / BB Mod Kit

YFTK BY-kA KA V6 Style 22mm MTL RTA 3ml


510 threading connection

Stainless steel construction

Deck con airflow 1.7mm

Nano PC clear tank

Monarchy Tapered Style Titanium Alloy 510 Drip Tip for Billet Box Boro Tank



Material:Titanium Alloy

Resin + Aluminum Boro Tank for SXK BB Billet AIO Box Mod Kit


Material: Aluminum Alloy + Resin
Suitable for SXK BB / Billet Box Mod Kit and other AIO device, such as Boxx, Ion, Delro, Borohm etc

Monarchy Mobb MV Inverted Skull Style RBA Bridge with 4 Air Pins for Billet Boro Tank

Made from 316 Stainless steel
Comes with 4 Air Pins, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm
Monarchy Mobb MV Inverted Skull Style RBA Bridge for Boro system, suitable for is suitable for Billet / BB / Boro Tank / Vandy Vape Pulse AIO / Cthulhu AIO / Boro Mod.

BB + Aio RBA for BB Billet Boro Dotaio System


Stainless Steel Construction
Airpins :1.0mm,1.2mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm,4.3mm
Designed For BB Billet Boro Dotaio System

Top Filling Tank Tube for FEV Flash e-vapor v4.5s+ Style RTA 2ml 3.5ml


PEI /PC material

Speical offer ! 25% off RBA Full Kit with Button for BB Billet Boro Dotaio System


Stainless Steel Construction
Airpins :1.0mm,1.2mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm,4.3mm
Designed For BB Billet Boro Dotaio System

Secret Front Black Panel for the Cthulhu AIO Box Mod


Material: Acrylic
One Front Door Panel Plate
One Back Door Panel Plate
Suitable for Cthulhu AIO Box Mod

SXK Mission XV KB2 Style RBA Bridge with 7 Air Pins for BB Billet Boro Tank


Diameter 14mm
Height 40mm
Weight 15g
316 Stainless Steel Material
Air pins: 1.0mm,1.2mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm ,3.5mm, 4.3mm
Suitable for BB / Billet / Boro System

Replacement Silicone Seals for KB2 RBA 4PCS


Suitable for KB2 RBA

Authentic MK MODS Acrylic Replacement Inner for Kuka Aio


Authentic MK MODS Replacement Acrylic Panels for Kuka Aio Box Mod


Material: Acrylic
Suitable for Kuka Aio Box Mod

SXK Mission XV DotBoro Style Boro Tank + Drip Tip Kit for KB2 Style RBA


Suitable for SXK KB2 Style RBA Bridge and Compatible with dotMod dotAIO V1 / V2 Pod

Aluminum Alloy BB + Aio RBA for BB Billet Boro Dotaio System


Aluminum Alloy Material
Airpins :1.0mm,1.2mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm,3.5mm,4.3mm
Designed For BB Billet Boro Dotaio System

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YDDZ A3 510 Drip Tip Set SS Base + PC POM Mouthpiece for MTL RTA RDA RDTA Vape Atomizer 34% off


Weight 6g

PC / POM Mouthpiece

Stainless Steel 510 base connector

Authentic YDDZ & PSDBD Dispersion 22mm MTL GTA 2.3ml 58% off


510 threading connection

Outer diameter: 22mm

Capacity: 2.3ml

Height with drip tip: 58.6mm (without drip tip 41mm)

Bottom airflow size: 0.8 / 1 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 mm

Side airflow: 2 x 1mm

Independent airflow adjustment (side / bottom)

Classic design

Gambit Style 22mm RTA 55% off


Material Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Drip tip

PMMA tank

It’s a mouth to lung, the desin the way it works inside simple.

You Literally it’s just held on by O-rings

Nice condensed chamber

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**Authentic AIVAPE Scale 22mm MTL RTA 4ml 67%off **
Sliver, Black


2.0mL and 4.0mL capacity
Top refill system
Single coil build
Anti-skid patterns look like fish scale
Separated side and bottom airflow adjustments

Authentic YDDZ V1 22mm RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer 4ml
Sliver, Black Gold


Top filling method;
Adjustable juice control (by ring in the middle);
Adjustable side airflow (4 sizes: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, ±0.1 tolerance)

Titanium Buttons for Billet Box Boro Mod

Material Titanium Alloy
Suitable for SXK BB / Billet Box Mod

**Special offer !Limited QTY!( Oct 7th - Oct 21st) **

YFTK Monarchy J3S Style 22mm 316SS DL RTA 2.5ml - Silver


510 threading connection
PEEK drip tip
316 stainless steel construction
PCTG Tank Capacity: 2.5ml
Single coil deck
Bottom airflow adjustable

Radiator 22mm MTL RTA Rebuildable Tank Vape Atomizer 4ml


PC Tank
Air intake specifications: 0.8mm,0.9mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.4mm,1.6mm
The air intake structure is such that the airflow enters the gap between the inner and outer air ducts from the gap in the top cover, then enters the cavity area between the inner and outer evaporation bins, and then is restricted by the side air intake screws on the inner evaporation bin to blow the heating wire. , the evaporated smoke is then pumped out from the inner evaporation chamber and the inner airway; It’s a bold design inspired by visual RBA. The same airway length can bring double the evaporation cooling effect on the radiator MTL, ensuring that every sip of steam entering your mouth will not distort the flavor of the oil due to overheating, which means that the radiator MTL is an analytical atomizer, which is more suitable for oils with complex flavor compositions. It can amplify a small amount of flavor substances added to the oil body.

Authentic Auguse ERA V3 510 Drip Tip for RTA RDA Vape Atomizer
6 Colors Available


Material :Stainless steel + POM /Stainless steel + PEEK

Authentic SXK Bantam Revision V3 30W VW Variable Wattage Box Vape Mod Kit without 18350 Battery


Output Voltage: 1.0~8.0V
Output Power: 5~30W
Resistance: 0.4~3.0ohm
Material Zinc alloy
New Updated SEVO-30 Chipset
0.49" OLED Display
Micro-USB Charging
Battery Type: 1 x 18350 Battery (Not included)

Titanium Buttons for Dotaio Mod
4 Colors Available!


Material Titanium Alloy
Suitable for Dotaio Mod

Wellon Chip 18650 35W VW Resin + Spray Paint Vape Boro Mod


Material: Imported resin + spray paint
Chip :Wellon Chip
Intelligent temperature control
Battery Type: 1 x 18650 Battery (Not included)
Power Output: 5~35W
Overtime Protection
Over temperature Protection
Output over-current Protection
Overcharge Protection
Low battery Protection
Atomizer short-circuit Protection
Battery anti-reverse Protection
Drip Tip /Boro Tank /Billet Tank/Tritium tube lamp (Not included)

New Colors Available for 60W TC 18350 18650 Box Mod !


Rekavape 60w chip set

Compatiable with 24mm diameter atomzier

Compatiable with 18350 /18650 battery (battery not included)

510 threading connection

Screen: 0.91"

Input Voltage: 3.2V~4.2V

Input Current: 0.5A~30A

Output Power: 1W~60W

Output Voltage: 0.5V~8V

Atomizer Resistance: 0.1ohm~3.0ohm

Quiescent Current: 0uA~20uA

Coil Material Supported: Ni / SS / Ti

Temperature control range: 100’C~315’C / 200’F~600’F

Efficiency: 91%

C: for 18650 battery over 15C only

Construction from PC and Stainless Steel

Compatible with 24mm diameter atomizer

Powered by 1 x 18350 / 18650 battery (battery not included)

YFTK Boro Tank Aluminum Carbon Fiber Pattern Laser for Billet Boro Mod

5 Colors Available!


Material Aluminum

Suitable for SXK BB Billet AIO Box Mod Kit

French Mini Style 18350 POM Boro Mod


Diameter 42.96mm26.2mm26mm

Domestic chips

18350 Battery not included

The main body is made of POM, and the top cover of the switch regulator is made of aluminum with oxidized black / silver color.

The three-speed voltage regulation version is customized by the factory and cannot adjust the wattage.

Low-voltage protection—Smoking when the battery is low at <3.3V, the control board stops output, and the red light flashes 5 times.

Short-circuit protection—The atomizer is short-circuited, the control board stops output, and the red, blue and green flash once.

Key lock function —Quickly press the keys 5 times in 2 seconds, switch on/off, and flash once in red, blue and green.

Authentic MK MODS V3 Acrylic Panels for Dotaio V2 Mod Kit


Material: Acrylic
Suitable for Dotaio V2 Mod Kit

Replacement Glass Tank for Boro BB Billet Tank


Material Glass

SXK Replacement Front + Back Cover Panel Plate for SXK Bantam Revision V3 30W Box Mod


One Front Door Panel Plate One Back Door Panel Plate
For SXK Bantam Revision V3 30W Box Mod

SXK Monarchy Prime Style 22mm RTA Rebuildable Tank Vape Atomizer 3ml


SS316 Material

Height : 31.5 mm without the tip

4 pins in set 3.5mm, 3mm, 2.5mm, 1mm

4.5 mm standard pin


Fits Mobb Mini and MV Crowns

Vape Pouch for SXK BB Billet DotAio Cthulhu Aio Pusle Aio


REGULAR NEO SLEEVE (4.5"h x3.5"w)

Size:110mm *90mm

3mm Neoprene w/ drawstring closure

String is radom color

Suitable for most dual 18650, Billet Box, & Larger Box Mods, dotAIO, Cthulhu Aio, Pusle Aio, etc.

New Drip Tip

Focivape 316SS 510 Drip Tip for RBA RTA RDA Vape Atomizer


Aluminum Alloy 510 Drip Tip for Billet Mod Boro Tank


Material:Aluminum Alloy
Applicable to BB Billet box mod

Fev V4.5S+ Style 23mm RTA Rebuildable Tank Vape Atomizer 4.5ml


Material: Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity: 4.5ml
Comes with 2 x 316 stainless steel wicks, 1 x air screw mounted seald, 1 x 1.2mm airflow insert, 1 x 1.4mm airflow insert, and 2 x 2.1mm airflow inserts
Dual post design
Adjustable airflow for MTL vaping
510 Threading Connector

Aluminum Carbon Fiber Front + Back Door Panel Plates for DotMod DotAIO V1 V2 Vape Pod System


Material Aluminum
Suitable for DotMod DotAIO V1 V2

Authentic Hellvape Dead Rabbit Pro RDA DIY Combo


Side/bottom AFC ring, 810 drip tip
DIY Combo to customize your RDA

Authentic Auguse Era V2 Billet Adapter Rebuildable Tank for Billet Box Mod


Material : Stainless Steel
Suit for Billet Box Mod
It is suitable for 98% dotmod RBA AIO.
It is a tank accessory for you to use dotshell or dotmission rba from DOTMOD to Billet Box.You can use dotshell or dotmission rba with this adaptor on billet bb box mod.

Rekavape Monarchy Front + Back Door Panel Plates for BB Billet Box Mod


Material Acrylic
One Front Door Panel Plate
One Back Door Panel Plate
Suitable for BB Billet Box Mod

SXK Replacement Inner Panel for Dotaio V2 Mod


Package Size 120mm69mm1.5mm
Weight 4g

Suitable for Dotaio V2

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic Vaporesso Armour Max 220W 18650 21700 Mod Kit 8ml


Output Power 5-220W
DC 5V/2A Type-C
0.96’’ TFT screen
Top filling
Coil Resistance GTi 0.2Ω Mesh Coil (60-75W), GTi 0.4Ω Mesh Coil (50-60W)
Fit For Vaporesso itank 2, Vaporesso GTi Coil
Composed of Armour Mod and iTank 2
Entirely crafted from TPU material
Dual external 21700/18650 batteries with 220W max (not included)
AXON Chip, F(t)/Pul/ECO/ TC mode
Uni-lock to secure your power
One-key unlock to simplify your vaping
Designed with 0.96’’ TFT screen
8ml capacity, easy top filling
COREX for accurate taste and longer coil lifespan

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic Uwell Caliburn G3 900mAh Pod Kit 2.5ml


Output Power Maximum 25W
Supports RDL and MTL vaping
Integrated coil cartridge, air-tight refill mechanism
900mAh built-in battery
Three firing modes: trigger button lock mode, auto draw on. and both on
OLED display, side filling
Dual airflow system
Pro-FOCS Technology
Cartridge Specifications FeCrAI Meshed 0.6ohm/0.9ohm Caliburn G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge

Package Included
1* Caliburn G3 Device
1* 0.6ohm Caliburn G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge (Side Filling)
1* 0.9ohm Caliburn G3 Integrated Coil Cartridge (Side Filling)
1* Type-C Charging Cable
1* Lanyard
1* User Manual

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic Innokin Go Z+ 24mm Tank 3.5ml


510 thread
Made of premium-grade PCTG material
Designed with adjustable airflow
Slide top filling system
Fit for Innokin Z Coil,Gozee Kit/Mod
Able to bring MTL RDL vaping

**Monarchy J3s Style 510 Drip Tip for RTA RDA Atomizer **

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic Innokin Gozee 60W Box Mod


510 Thread
Wattage Output Range 6W~60W
Voltage Output Range 1.0~7.5V
Max Output Current 17.5A
Cut-Off Time 3-18s adjustable
1Small and compact, light and portable
Double injection moulded design
Crystal-clear finish, eye-catching look
Powered by built-in 2100mAh battery
Simplified GOZEE chipset to deliver up to 60W power
Supports 2A USB-C charging
Fit For Innokin Go Z+ Tank

Authentic Rekavape Hybrid BB Billet AIO Drip Tip


Material Stainless Steel + Resin /PEI /POM /PC
Suitable for BB Billet AIO Box Mod

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic Innokin CoolFire Z60 60W Mod

510 Thread
Material Zinc alloy
Power Range 6-60W
Voltage Range 1.0~7.5V
Max Output Currency 17.5A
Resistance Range 0.2Ω~3.5Ω
The 4th generation vape technology
Compact design with 2500mAh battery
Up to 60W variable power
Battery switch at the battery bottom
USB-C charging, 1.7A
Fit for Innokin CoolFire Z60 Top Kit, Innokin Zlide Top Tank

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic Innokin Zlide Top Tank 3ml 4.5ml


Sliding top fill system, without leaking
Compatible with all Innokin Z Coils
DuoPrime coil tech
Top airflow system
Coil Material KAL
Coil+ and Refresh Mode, expands the coil life

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic DOVPO Ethos 100W 18650 Boro Kit 7ml


Material Aluminium alloy
Output Power 5W-100W
Working Voltage 6.4V-8.4V
Output Voltage 1.0V-8.0V
Suggested Resistance 0.08-3.5ohm
Charging Mode Type-C
Charging Current 2000mA
Battery External dual 18650 batteries (not included)
Screen 0.49 inch TFT screen
Dual 18650 battery
Unique fire button position
5W-100W output power
Sub-ohm coil deck & RBA deck included
0.49 inch TFT screen
Compatible with PnP & GTX Coil
Can work with any DIY bridge of your choice
Type-C charging
Temperature adjustment
Reverse Polarity/No-load/Short-Circuit/Low Voltage Protection
The ultimate solution to the common issue of short battery life in Boro devices
Multiple modes available: POWER, VOLTAGE, TEMP-NI, TEMP-SS, TEMP-TI
Compatible with VOOPOO PnP Coil, Vaporesso GTX Coil, BP MODS TMD Pre-Build Coil, BP MODS TMD Mesh Coil

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic GeekVape Wenax S3 18W Kit 2ml

Built-in 1100mAh battery
Output Power 5W-18W
Charging Port Type-C
Precise adjustable airflow
Coil Resistance0.8Ω/1.2Ω
Ergonomic drip tip & filter drip tip
Upgraded S Cartridge with 2 different drip tip
Able to work with ergonomic & filter drip tip
Battery Status Instructions White Light(0%~30%), Blue Light(31%~69%), Green Light(70%~100%)
Operating Temperature 0℃~45℃
2ml capacity, easy refilling system
Intelligent 360° ring indicators for clear device status
Supports 3-level output adjustments
Boost mode to activate max output for max clouds
Adopts the latest VPU tech fot better vaping experience
Equipped with device lock button
Supports auto draw or button-triggered
Designed with leek and modern appearance
Fit For GeekVape S 0.8Ω/1.2Ω Cartridge

(Ships from Bonded Warehouse)Authentic GeekVape Z Fli Tank 5.5ml


810 Drip Tip
EasyTop filling
Top airflow leakproof system
Precise airflow control system
Flip top cap, simple to use
Fit For GeekVape Z Series Coil, GeekVape Zeus Dual Glass