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【3Avape Giveaway】Next Mind CT1 Pod System Kit 650mAh-3/15


5 good design


6 very powerful


7 - answer is 26


8 i like this kit


1 I don’t know nextmind

  1. not a pod I have an ultimo with ceramic though
  1. no self clean here
  1. no but its a good idea, don’t have to throw away the coil because of bad cotton
  1. 18650 battery version
  1. Canada…
  1. I have no idea…

1 This contest is first I’ve heard of Next Mind.

  1. I don’t own any pod system, currently. I believe I had an Aspire Sub Ohm tank that used some sort of ceramic coils, but don’t remember the name, and I didn’t use it for very long.

3: No self cleaning devices, but I like the idea.

  1. No, but I know very little about pod systems.
  1. Two things. First, I absolutely believe if you’re marketing your device for anything other than disposable use, you should have a device with an external battery, 18650 or something of the like. I’ve had WAY too many devices fail because the internal battery died or charging port stopped working, etc. Passthrough option with an external battery is the way to go. Second, I am not a fan of the mouthpiece on this device. To me, it looks aggressive and sharp, and not at all comfortable. Mouthpieces/tips are NOT one size fits all, and however your ‘pod’ system works, I believe you should have separate mouthpiece/drip tip that people can choose what they like best, for feel and look.

lol Aaaand i just realized the contest already ended. Congrats to the winner. :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats @warkwarth


Thanks this was unexpected!
I don’t even win free coffee at tim hortons


Congrats @warkwarth! Thanks @3avape for the giveaway!

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Congratulations @warkwarth!
Thanks for the Chance @3avape

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