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Welcome to our official 3fvape thread! We will update new products every day!Maybe there is the one you want.
3fvape offer quality mechanical mod, box mod, rebuildable atomizer, drip tip, mod kit, e-cig starter kit at great price!

Authentic innokin itaste mvp 3.0 pro 60w 4500mah vv / vw variable voltage / wattage express kit $69.99

The Innokin iTaste MVP3.0 Pro is:

Ultra-Powerful: Fires 6~60W / 3~9V with a Maximum Output of over 17.5Amp.

The Longest Lasting: 4500mAh hour battery.

Intelligent: Vape Timer, Puff Counter, Integrated Short Circuit protection, Left / Right Screen Orientation, 15 Second cutoff & more.

Precise: RMS DC current accurate to a power deviation of 0.5W and fires from 0.2~3.1 Ohm.

Easy to use: 3 Buttons for Total, Precise, and Comfortable Control.

Always Ready: Charge the MVP3.0 Pro with a standard micro USB cable and vape at the same time with Innokin’s ‘Vape while charging technology.

Trusted and Powerful: If you need to vape or need more time on your phone, always have power with the Innokin iTaste MVP3.0 Pro.

Unique: Every iTaste MVP3.0 Pro has an easily accessible unique ID on the board for easy product authentication.

black kink: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/3743-authentic-innokin-itaste-mvp-30-pro-60w-4500mah-vv-vw-variable-voltage-wattage-express-kit-black-39v-660w.html

Silver link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/3744-authentic-innokin-itaste-mvp-30-pro-60w-4500mah-vv-vw-variable-voltage-wattage-express-kit-silver-39v-660w.html

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Hello,everyone.Welcome to our official 3fvape thread! Any question about 3fvape, please feel free to contact us. We strive to offer high quality products and best service for you,all my friends.
3fvape offer quality mechanical mod, box mod, rebuildable atomizer, drip tip, mod kit, e-cig starter kit at great price!

Vertex mini style rda rebuildable dripping atomizer just $9.99

enter link description here

Phoenix 30w vw variable wattage apv box mod $35.99


enter link description here

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Innokin coolfire iv mod + isub g clearomizer

The picture on Innokin coolfire iv mod + isub g clearomizer


This is the link: http://www.3fvape.com/mod-kit/4590-authentic-innokin-coolfire-iv-2000mah-vv-vw-mod-isub-g-clearomizer-starter-kit-red-375v-640w-45ml-05-ohm.html

Rementry style rda rebuildable dripping atomizer

The picture on Rementry style rda( five colors available)

This is the link:

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Here is the newest product.

Smokjoy talos 150w temperature control vw variable wattage mod

Golden link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/4614-authentic-smokjoy-talos-150w-temperature-control-vw-variable-wattage-mod-golden-zinc-alloy-5150w-212-f662-f-2-x-18650.html

Black link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/4615-authentic-smokjoy-talos-150w-temperature-control-vw-variable-wattage-mod-black-zinc-alloy-5150w-212-f662-f-2-x-18650.html

Pictures on Smokjoy talos 150w mod

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Display the pre-order products of Cloupor GT vv / vw box mod from 3fvape.com.

This is the information about Cloupor GT vv / vw box mod below:
Material: 6061 billet aluminum;
Floating 510 pins;
Take 2 x 18650 batteries;
Magnets back cover;
Working mode: VV / VW / TC;
Output power: 1~80W;
Output voltage: 0.5~7.0V;
Joule power: 10~80J;
Standard Resistance: 0.1~3.5 ohms;
Joules Resistance: 0.1~3.0 ohms;
Temperature Limit: 200~600 Fareheit & 100~300 Celsius;
Smart-auto temperature control:
Cloupor GT will recommend a proper joule automatically according to the current Fahrenheit.
To adjust joule manually, please hold the fire and up button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

Pics on Cloupor GT vv / vw box mod

Silver link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/4580-authentic-cloupor-gt-80w-temperature-control-vw-variable-wattage-mod-silver.html

Black link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/4581-authentic-cloupor-gt-80w-temperature-control-vw-variable-wattage-mod-black.html

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1:1 VF Squonk style TC APV box mod is coming.
Buy one 1: 1 VF Squonk (Black or Silver) and get one free Chalice V3 style RDA ($10.99 on 3FVAPE)
Input coupon code “3FVAPEVF” in the voucher column.
ONLY 50 Chalice V3 for free. First come, first served. Don’t miss the chance!


1, ONLY one free atomizer for one order;
2, You can choose only one coupon code in the order. (If you use the “buy one get one free” code, you can not use other discount code at the same time.)
3, If you placed pre-ordered on 3fvape.com for VF Squonk before this promotion, we will add a free Chalice V3 in your order.
4, Order will be shipped after July 22, 2015, we will try to get it deliver as soon as we can.

Pics on Vf squonk style vw apv mod

Vf squonk silver link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/4717-vf-squonk-style-temperature-control-vw-variable-wattage-apv-mod-w-bottle-silver-aluminum-140w-1-x-18650.html

Vf squonk black link: http://www.3fvape.com/vv-vw-mod/4135-vf-squonk-style-temperature-control-vw-variable-wattage-apv-mod-w-bottle-black-aluminum-140w-1-x-18650.html

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Show you the new product of Nuke style rda rebuildable dripping atomizer:
The Nuke RDA atomizer is a very unique rebuildable atomizer featuring a 3 turbine air feed system. Made from stainless steel and 22mm in size at the base. The top portion is more on the diameter of a 28mm atomizer from the looks of this beast. It really is one heck of a cool looking atomizer and like the Turbo RDA, This has the cool turbine sound that spins as you inhale.

Pics on Nuke style rda dripping atomizer(three colors for your own choice)

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Good news! Youde Goblin Mini RTA rebuildable tank atomizer in stock now!
Youde Goblin Mini RTA tank atomizer have some features below:
510 threading connection;
Glass drip tip;
Glass tank;
Liquid capacity: 3.0mL;
Quad poles design for dual coil build;
Clock type adjustable airway design;
Crescent-shaped air vent hole;
Tank thread: M13x0.5mm

Pics on Youde Goblin Mini RTA tank atomizer

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Hello,everyone.Welcome to 3fvape official thread!

Good news! The online lowest price in 3fvape shop !
Notorious Style 510 Mechanical Mod just $19.99 now!

Sense Herakles Sub Ohm Tank $15.99 now

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Today let me introduce the new product of 2puffs hybrid 510 drip tip

These are the pictures about 2puffs hybrid 510 drip tip below:

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Today let me show you the pre-order product of Eleaf Istick 100w mod express kit
Do you want to know about the features about Eleaf Istick 100w mod express kit ?
They are here:
Variable wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 5W to 100W;
Variable voltage: Voltage can be adjusted from 2V to 10V;
Powered by 2 x 18650 batteries (not included);
Adjustment lock function;
Ventilation holes;
With great hand feel;

Pics on Eleaf Istick 100w mod express kit
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Hello,everyone.Welcome to 3fvape official thread!

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Today display the cool product of Fly dragon style mechanical mod.Do you want to know about main features about Fly dragon style mechanical mod?
Here are:
510 threading connection with fixed center pin;
Material: 24K Gold-plated stainless steel;
Brass contacts;
Bottom spring loaded firing switch, without locking ring;
Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (batteries not included)

Pictures on Fly dragon style mechanical mod

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Display the product of Rock fish style rda rebuildable dripping atomizer, and these are the features about Rock fish style rda dripping atomizer below:
510 threading connection with brass plated gold contact pin;
1/2drip well;
Water-drop air holes;
With typhoon air system;
Replaceable adapter;
Triple-pole design;
Diameter: 22mm
Rock fish style rda dripping atomizer

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Welcome to 3fvape! A new week comes!Let’s enjoy our vaping life.
Show you the product of Taifun gs II style rta tank atomizer here and this is the introdution of Taifun gs II style rta rebuildable tank atomizer below:
The diameter of the TGT GS2 is the choice of 19mm or 18mm (only the lower ring of airflow change). The 18mm format can be flush with the PIPELINE PRO Slim.
The resistor is mounted on the bottom plate with the resistive wire and cotton fiber freaks or silica. The fluid reservoir is above the liquid supplied via the resistance of the bottom two holes of the central plateau. PTFE tubes supplied or ESS Mesh tubes facilitates the flow of liquid.
The Taifun gs II accessories make it very versatile including the 3 slots for airflow ring to triple opening higher airflow and heading dripper, to transform your GS2 a dripper in a very small size and the record of the best.

Pics on Taifun gs II style rta tank atomizer

Youde atomizer will be arrived this Wednesday.