50vg 50pg cbd juice


Hi i purchased the above cbd juice, however a friend of mine told me not to vape the juice as it has pg in it. Im now confused as to why not?

i was wondering could anyone offer some further help as to what setup i should be using to vape 50/50 cbd safely?

thanks guys


If you have a commercial subohm tank, it may start leaking because the liquid is rather thin, otherwise, no issues to be worried about.
50/50 works well with the average pod system / MTL setups and of course any RDA.


Ah, I think the Big Tobacco Campaign to Shoot Down Vaping is having an effect here, This is the third time this week I heard that it’s a bad idea to inhale PG. *sigh * Theunderlying rationale goes like this: it’s a vape juice ingredient, therfore it must be toxic. Don’t worry. They also put the stuff in asthma inhalers and a zillion other medcines. Same goes for vegetable glycerine and practically all the other stuff.

It’s kinda lucky for the Human race that they don’t put oxygen in vape juice, isn’t it? we’d have folk campaiging to ban breathing, if they did.

Me, I’m actually allergic to PG. It triggers my asthma. So it’s a bad idea for me to vape PG. And a bad idea for me to eat cookies , too (cos I’m gluten intolerant) . But most ppl; are fine with cookies and PG , and it’s definitely not PG causing this problem:

That’s down to people vaping black market THC, as it happens. (The discussion makes for an entertaining read.)

Welcome aboard, Sienna! You’ll find folk who really care to seperate truth from scaremongering here. Which is no easy task at present *sigh *, cos there’s a veritable sh**storm of the latter going on, Can’t blame your friend for being confused.


The cbd people have been against pg for a long time, people on Reddit go as far as to call it “poison”, then they extoll the virtues of using mct oil…vaping 101 is you don’t use anything that is oil based due to lipid pneumonia…but pg is made in a lab bro, that’s big pharma shit bro, they trying to kill us all slowly so we need more poison medicine they make…bro… it’s pretty obvious now that pg is better than vitamin E…


I use a a PG/VG blend in the CBD juice I make and the e-juice. The only thing I’ve noticed is the higher the PG ratio, the harsher the burn in my throat. Otherwise PG is really just an emulsifier to help the CBD stay mixed with the VG. At least that’s how I understand the chemistry.

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Perhaps relevant Reddit post by a self-described “vape cart maker” (September 9, 2019):
… the average cannabis consumer, cart user, or dispensary owner will not even TOUCH Propylene Glycol. They think it’s somewhere between hydrocholoric acid and cyanide. I don’t understand it and I’ve long stopped trying to educate, it’s fucking frustrating. …

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