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A peek at the Wotofo Faris RDTA/RDA by José


I had one and it was a bit crap, but it popped into my head when i read the review.
Really liking the review style, methinks you have been reading lots of steampugs reviews.


He was definitely the reason I got into writing reviews. Before that I always thought a review should be just factual and boring and I really wasn’t up for that.
He opened the door for the fun review and I’m eternally grateful for that.
So a big thanks to @Steampugs :heart_eyes:


I ordered one because it sounds like a good addition to my squonk mods, the only problem was although I got it at a great price I started looking at other things. I bit the bullet on a 250c DNA Paranormal, jezzzzzzz so broke again this month. :crazy_face:


That is a very good investment though, I love my paranormal :heart_eyes:


The paranormal is a sexy beast! I prefer the triade though because of the capacity.


I just don’t want to have to marry 3 batteries then 3 more for spares,already have several married pairs. But I did look at that one, the 250C Paranormal was still getting scarce.


I get it I do, I just don’t worry about batteries. I sell them off and buy new every 6 mo. Not that I don’t take care of them and I let the buyer know they are used. What I don’t do is let them know where I get them and what I pay for them.


I truly thank you for reviewing. Many didn’t think much of me bragging about this atty. Guess everyone overlooked me raving about it here and there. It really is one of my favorites and has stayed in my daily rotation. I don’t leave the house without it either. I like using it both as a tank and as a squonker. I just leave the tank on it. The flavor is there and so easy to just fill the atty tank as you squonk. Makes life a little more easier. My pin doesn’t leak like many do left with the pin in place.
I just drop it on any mod and go. It’s really great to go from one flavor to the next, in the same profile of course, from squonking to a non-squonking situation. The atty I’ve used as a straight RDA is fine as well but for the convenience of changing mods, I just leave it as a tank.
Again, terrific review and those who are on the edge of this atty…Just get one. I’ve used mine since early Oct and I love it. You don’t have to babysit the cotton all the time either. Just wick it and forget it!


Got the Paranormal and the Feris in and running, you are absolutely correct on both, Fantastic so far. Thank you.


I’m really happy to hear that. Everyones vape needs are different so what suits me might not suit another and I’d hate to put someone on the wrong track. :happycry:


I’ve had my Faris for some time now. Just bit the bullet here with a Paranormal as well! Congratulations to you!


Congratulations to you too for getting the Paranormal :+1: :grin:


Thank you so much! I’ve been eyeing the DNA for a few months and well the opportunity knocked. I have older DNA’s but nothing new until this one. I’m so happy! Have a yihi mod coming as well. (I’ll be doing the happy dance Monday, I’m sure! :heart_eyes::crazy_face:


Been using the Faris for 10 days heavilly (I vape alot), several recoils (NETs use) on top of the Topside squonker, Grood flavor, no leaking and a fantastic pairing for all day squonking.


I haven’t used anything else since I got it :grin:


I knew some one good reviewed this on here…today I was getting ready to order a mod an said “let me check on the deals” I seen the Faris in there…so looked here for a review…seen yours an said sold…lol…I do like RDTA’s…its just a RDA with a bigger juice capacity to me…

so thanks to you…every one in house goes hungry…lol…

Again Jose …great review …


I’m sorry that everyone’s hungry but it is definitely worth it.
Have some on me :grin:



Ordered one from EightVape. Should be here tomorrow. Now I can retire my aging and decrepit Avocado!