A tobacco recipe for my wife

My wife is trying really hard to finally kick the cigarettes. She has been vaping and smoking for several months. I have been vaping 2yrs…
Diying for over a year.
My question is this…she likes Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood. Does anyone know where to start. I’m not trying to clone it 100% just figure out a similar recipe for a starting point!!
I vape and mix deserts…so I’m lost on even a starting point!!

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Once she gets a taste of the many other flavors she wont care about tobacco! But until then, I would use Desert Ship by Flavourart. Tastes the best, others taste off or funny. Very potent, use 2 or 2.5% mixed with whatever she would like. Top notch stuff.

Almost makes me wanna mix a high level nic tobacco for myself…

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I have a Tobacco bud on Reddit who has reviewed this juice. I’ve got a message out to him to see if he knows the profile for the tobacco; that can be the frustrating part.


Check out some of the tobacco recipes I will be posting tomorrow. I have a whole category devoted to it.


Flavor Profile: Mild, sweet tobacco with a hint of honey flavored e juice.

Ok, so thats the profile I found, so how about this for a stab in the dark!..

FA Maxx blend 4% …mild, sweet tobacco
TPA Black Honey .5% …with a hint of honey
FA Dark Vapure 1.25% …& a bit of body
INW Biscuit 1.5% …just to fill it out a bit
FW Catalan Cream 1.5% …to smooooth it all out

…or perhaps swap the DV for maybe 4% TPA Mild Black (mild & neutral tobacco) if you think the DV too astringent.
Hmm… I’ve got a feeling I wanna throw something else in there, but I’m nort sure what just at the minute. This is just somewhere to start… if anybody else has any bright ideas for an addition or change, jump in!
Needless to say, I reckon I might whip up 10ml of this tonight & see how it goes!
Good luck @Cc9fingers!.. you know what they say… a happy wife is a happy life!!

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In my opinion flavor is not as important as the nicotine level, start out at about 18mg so she gets the full effect like a cig. then over a year you can reduce it to 12mg or 6mg. If the e juice is not strong enough she will want a cig to get the nic she is accustomed to.


Check the recipes I just posted. I broke it down into categories. Tobaccos being first. “Skullblade789 Recipes”.


Yes, this is a good point! However, from my experience, the nic level should be the same as what she’s used to smoking. I was a 12mg smoker & I thought vaping was not going to deliver the hit I needed so my first ever juice was 18mg - damn near blew my head off!.. I experienced dizziness, palpitations, & nausea. Fortunately, only mildly but I had to dilute my juice back 1/3.

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Could try: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/257345/%231C%20Main%20Tobacco
One of those mixes that the e juice disappears after a few minuets vaping.

That dizziness palpitation and nausea you describe is what made me start smoking when I was 6! IMO you should calculate her nic level and add a little to it so when she takes a puff of the vape she will say “hey this is pretty good, I’m getting dizzy like I did when I started smoking!”. IMO it would be a HUGE mistake to give her a vape with 3mg and think she will quit smoking for it. Then because we craft the e juice you can systematically reduce the nic level 1mg per month, or year until she realizes she is no longer dependent. TBH i vape 12mg! and i do get a little heady when I puff, but if I forget to grab my vape when i’m going someplace I can go on, I don’t really need it like I did my ciggs.

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No dice on the tobacco profile from my Reddit bud. It been too long ago. He did say that it wasn’t flavored like some generic tobacco absolute (i.e. grassy or hay like in nature).

Yep, well that’d work. But the bottom line is that she really needs to want to stop smoking… deep-down.

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I’ve got absolutely no idea how this compares to Tobacco Trail, but 2 days in & this is quite vapable & showing potential! I did ad 1% FA vanilla bourbon which works nicely. I reckon in 3 weeks, this is going to be deee-lish. Just the same, I’m going to make another version with .75 black honey & 1.5% vanilla (might use Madagascar this time).

I’m not to good with elr… Do you have a link.

Hope that works for you.