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ALL ABOUT TOBACCO I really need some basic advice

I am looking to pick out 2 Flavor Art Tobaccos

First blend I would like to be able to blend with Citrus Fruits or Mints

Second blend I would like to mix with vanilla/nuts

Any help would be much appreciated…and also how is FLavorahs Turkish tobacco?


Here’s a few different threads on Tobacco Flavors there’s plenty info w/ multiple vendors so you can check out which one sounds best to you ! FA is in there too.


I recommend getting FA Vanilla Tahity as well as Nut Mix, Walnut, & Peanut

Oba Oba FA compliments tobaccos it is a strangely delicious flavor lightly hinted w/ cream citrus and marshmallow like cream soda which can be a backnote for your citrus effect. https://flavourart.com/en/store/flavors/tobacco/oba-oba-flavor/

Mint well FA has several peppermint spearmint and I believe there is an arctic one as well polar blast


Soho FA is recommended by some of our esteemed long time mixers. Recommended enormous go I just ordered it.

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I heard you need like 10-15% tho … think thats why I havent, but i heard the same

In a mix you could use less though. RY4 double will also go well with vanilla/nuts.


Please check out the Purilum Tobacco flavors from Nicotine River I think you will like them
I mix them at 3% to 4%

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Also check this out



robbbbb my man…Im placing an order at nicotine river so i would prefer to go through them I like all their flavors I tried so far any recommendations for ones that are versatile to pair with fruits, mints n such?


I Love Vanilla Bacco and Tobacco Original but ALL are good . Look at my reviews at Nic River
And the best thing is they don’t take long to steep they are good as a SAV but are better after 5 days :+1:

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I agree with Rob on this one. There is one pipe tobacco that is great with fruit and vanilla and nuts. Really great with bourbon too. That is Dark Pipe from INW. BCV has it. It’s expensive but so worth it.

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