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Amoretti Home User Line


Being limited to the 2oz option was probably the hang-up. Many home mixers won’t buy that much unless they know they will use it a lot. A real lot! Great to see you guys are thinking of us!

I’d like to sample anything creamy or desserty if you have something PG-free. I have the Heavy Cream and like it. I’d been hesitsnt to use it, though, because of the old 2oz minimum.

Thanks, man!



@amovapeteam thank you for your generous offer



besides the smaller size hangup, imo the prices are in more of a super concentrated flavor and not the higher TPAish % that i have heard about. Btw heavy cream is on the current debated list, thks for the input!



PM sent, and thank you for the offer.



Looks good @amovapeteam! I’ll have to give some a whirl.



Id love to try a few ty will PM you



may help some, the extract section sorted alpha, the natural ones start on pg. 6 but keep in mind there are 2 types water soluble and oil, that 3rd powder type sounds like too much work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



yes and anyone trying theae out there should be a number like the Vanilla Butter extract ws #1165



have 5 picked out and to help them i added the sku#, more then likely will help both them and yourself and not recv the wrong flavor.



Yes thats what I did , I made sure to include everything , since the 5 id like to try also had oil soluble



i usually dont like to think on a friday night but pumkin, pumpkin pie or pumkin pie sauce? :thinking:



Hey your reading my mind i went with

Vanilla butter
Key lime
Heavy cream
Pumpkin pie
Wild strawberry



Most flavors in my country are sold at 10ml (for the customers to try new flavors) and 30ml (if we use it much).

Then it jumps to 4oz, 8oz and so on for wholesale.



You would think so, but, my experience was such that while the rep I dealt with was VERY friendly, and quite accomodating , there was a noteworthy lack of product knowledge (at least IMO). To the point that I was even afraid to test some things, because of the fact.

I informed them IN ADVANCE that I have PG issues, as well as inquired about the ‘appearing of oils’ (or at the very least separation) that was occuring after letting the flavors sit for two-three weeks after delivery (Yay for backlog in this case, because otherwise I would’nt have noticed!).

To which point, a couple were mistakenly sent/ordered (not going into whose fault it was shipping vs rep.), and then at least one other used what I’ll call a “non-standard” carrier (which I’ll not divulge due to an understanding with the rep).

He initially had suspicions of me being an “industry insider” that was looking to decompile their offerings (which I’m sure happens more than we realize), thanks largely in part to my use of (for lack of better way to put this) proper terms that “normal mixers” don’t ordinarily use (I guess). But after explaining that I AM NOT affiliated in any way/shape/form with any entity that makes/produces/sells e-liquid…he seemed to calm a bit, and gave further info into the carrier.

Once I learned what was being actually used (and only AFTER I inquired mind you, which was MORE unsettling than not knowing initially)…I decided I was done with the experience, and at the very least that particular rep.

If they couldn’t trust me just because I presented questions intelligently. Or thought to ask things that “normal folks” might not ordinarily ask…combined with the fact that they had to resend at least multiple flavors (so that I received the correct ones [that either dealt with the PG aspect, or the fact that I was sent a NON-VAPING product])…

Tread cautiously people, and make sure to ASK if you have ANY doubts.

To the rep’s credit (a year or so ago), he WAS honest when the rubber finally met the road. But it was “slick tires” some of the time in getting there.

(I didn’t write anything up back when I experienced all this, because it appeared like it was going to lay dormant. But since it’s resurfacing again, I figured I should speak up this time.)

No ill will to Amoretti if they’re trying to get their act together and present a new effort to the community at large. But I do hope that no one experiences what I did previously.



[quote=“amovapeteam, post:1, topic:218046”]
What’s Up fellow E-Juice home makers, We are coming out with a new line of pack sizes for the home use community. Are .5oz sizes will be great for quick flavoring needs[/quote]
15ml. is a bit much to buy for an unknown flavor trial. I would be more inclined to purchase 5ml sizes and larger sizes if they prove out.
As I understand, NF is the only non PG vendor supplier at this time. Hope you consider a similar line.



Thanks for the info brother; They just did not know who they were talking to did they? I think if they would have gotten to know the community and those of us that take it seriously they wouldn’t have poked the bear.

We don’t call you Sprkslfly for nuttin.



those look good , so going to try them also…



pm sent , thnks for the offer



Hi @sprksfly.
Thanks for working with me in the past, Correct I am the rep you were working with, Thanks for the good words. We we began to involve our selves in vape world, it was a very hard fight. i was working with my own experiences with artificial flavoring companies and what some, not all where saying about VG or PG. Please forgive all the questioning, I wasn’t treating you like an ( insider) more like me picking your mind since you knew far more than me, I assumed that this was what a place like this was for. So with your help back then, Now we Taylor Extracts to fit PG or VG needs all we ask is that a customer lets us know but 90 percent are standard VG

I would love to have more direct conversations with you, if you are up to it.



Ok… Well, I think we can agree on saying you had “concerns” about that being the case. lol
But it certainly came across that way on my end.

(Though, as I said above, I can totally understand)

I don’t think I ever said thank you for the compliment BTW! lol
(It tends to happen when I go into “hyper analytical mode”)

Anyways, I’d be happy to field whatever questions I can. Feel free to PM anytime.

Although there are many that are far more qualified than I in several respects! (Question dependant of course)