Analyzing The 100 Top-Rated Recipes

This is great, I know vaping has fue hazards compared to ciggs, but can you analyze safest and less safe recipes?

I wouldn’t even have the slightest idea of where to begin. What makes one recipe less safe than another?

I agree, too difficult all the top recipes have custards or creams . I’ll just have to look at each recipe ingredient to see if there are safer flavors I can sub. The “safer” recipes would contain less dactyl, but it’s important to note ciggs have huge quantity of that and many more hazardous chemicals


the good thing here also is, some of these flavors in “Scott’s golden list” can (maybe) sub each other - which would make it a more compact list for someone who is just starting with mixing, then some of the recipes are “very similar” - Strawberry Cheesecake for example.
still my favorite thing is, these are not “anyone’s preference” - they’re crowd-sourced from the stats of ELR - all in one thread - really saves a ton of time searching


That is Awesome work you have compiled a whole lot of answers and made this seem way easy. I know that this must have taken a lot of Hard Work to be this specific and it is Greatly Welcomed. I have a Stupid Question for you: I need to find the Recipe for a Very Popular juice here in Florida. The juice is called Heisenberg and it was previously being made by Vapeing Apes here. The owner that made this juice here in Florida is not going to be selling it anymore due to the Big Tobacco Idiots and All the $$$ it takes to get an FDA approval. He is not willing to give me the recipe either and it’s my favorite juice. Is there any way you may be able to find the recipe for this flavor ? Thanks Again for All Your Help for us beginners. Scott

The only chance you have IMO is to do one of two things.

Buy a ton of it, so that you have a verifiable point of reference for yourself as you get further along in DIY.

Or two, take whatever “sample size” @Wayne_Walker needs, along with $250, and get on the waiting list.

I think he means safest to not contain ingredients from this list


Hi there,
Just been googling and found a Spanish guy making it, not sure if its what you want but here is the site: -

I poped it into my ELR: -

Never tried it and dont have the correct flavours but if it helps you then great.

Keep me informed if its any good or not lol


You are absolutely right on this one. To the Opening Post. Wonderful work. Has anybody discovered some differences between CAP’s Vanillla Custard v1 and v2, and the same brands Sweet Strawberry and Sweet Strawberry RF? The v2 and the RF are supposed to be safer. Is there any differences in taste and steep time among other things we should know about?

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I don’t speak Spanish, barely English. As a Norwegian, i am happy for the spell checker in Chrome. But look at 13:02 in the Heiseberg video, he says to millilitro or somethings, and he draw up .2 mm. Or have I misunderstood something? Would not be the first time. Luckily I use a scale for my DIY :innocent:


it looked like 0.2ml of bavarian cream tpa but i don’t see it in the recipe at 08;34

You are right. But I think he is working with two recipes here. Habla no Espaniol :joy:

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hes not creating recipes hes using the data on elr to make things easier for those who need the help compiling flavors and getting the best bang for your buck if a person wants to make others recipes , which if i were a beginner it would have been a great tool at the time


there is a very big difference imo between the V1 and V2 custard as far as taste , using the v2 you will get less of the buttery taste and the richness of the custard absolutely different flaves


Definitely agree with fidalgo_vapes. I have both, and like both very much, but for very different reasons.

I was withholding commenting until I could refine exactly what it is that makes each special to me, but I think fidalgo_vapes summed things up nicely.

To me, both are worth having, as I’ve already got at least one recipe in the works that I’ve since retried with v1 (since acquiring it) and learned that that particular recipe prefers v2!!

At the same time however, v1 was definitely the missing link in two other recipes!

Hope this helps!


Yea at the end it shows the list of what he did, im sure i got down all he was using (well showed lol) I had DX Bavarian Cream, I dont have any Raspberry or Lime and Lemon so cant have a go.

Mind found at
Heisenblag they call it, mix around 15-20% some say add Koolada at 1% is very close to Vampire vapes Heisenberg
Got some on order, only trying the small amount bottles but its supposed to be very very close.

They do 30ml up to ltre of concentrates, so got small bottle to play with on way, ohh and free delivery is an option


That’s really great. I’m new to this form but looks like it’s gonna be fun here. Btw Vaping is my one prime hobby :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


The amount of flavours i dont have on that list,my wallet hates you lol.


Great work. Thanks

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