Anyone using the kylin by vandyvape?

Starting to hate this tank it does matter how high I put the power it just pops an shoots shit in my mouth iv wicked this thing like six times today thinking I had to much cotton in there or to little Nothing works

Thought with all the YouTube videos a lot more people would be using the kylin everybody’s ranting about the flavor I tried bumping up watts just makes the spitback hotter lol I have to figure out how to stop the wick from getting so saturated I put it all the way to 100 an it seems to help but it’s way to hot to smoke I’ll have to stuff the s@$# out of the juice holes an see if that stops the wick from getting to saturated there’s just way to much juice in the wick I have the juice flow almost closed

Try closing the flow completely and vaping a few hits to dry the coil off a bit and then crack the juice flow back open.

close the juice flow off firing to dry out the cotton then try with the juice flow half open.
I nearly binned it when I got it until I changed from using muji to cotton bacon an found it easier to wick it perfectly for my particular taste. it prob took me about 20 times of wicking getting covered rewickin till I nailed it. Don’t get disheartened keep at it eventually you’ll do it not realise what you’ve done to perfect it yet you’ll perfect it every single time afterwards

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I agree, It’s finicky. I’m vaping it right now with a .29Ω 2x28+36 SS build with 65J available @ 425°F and it is a fabulous vape. 70/30 VG/PG on an SX mini Q mini. There’s a little snap crackle pop going on especially when it’s cold but that is just juice doin its thing. No spitting. No leaking. No drying out. Just a one each U.S.D.A grade A beautiful vape.

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never use temp gonna have to start at the moment it’s on the drag duel core aliens 24ni80 cores 32ni80 fuse but they need a bloody good clean

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Got the spitback to stop I’m using just plan round wire an I mix my juice at 80/20 but it’s always leaking at the air flight ring I know there was probs with the first version but I thought that was fixed I think mine is v 2 cuz it has the silent juice ring to fill front I’m not sure about the kylin