Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave - REVIEW

Opinions vary as they say. And @shaner, I’m right there with you about Rip. Most of the time he knows his shit. I disagree with him about which is better for the Aromamizer RDTA - horizontal or vertical build. I prefer horizontal, and here’s why.

Flavor - I don’t detect a difference between them.
Air flow - Better on the horizontal. The vertical is taking up volume the horizontal does not and slightly more restrictive.
Rewicking - Although rewicking the vertical can be done without removing the build, it’s a pain in the privates!

The horizontal build wins hands down for me, although I do currently have a vertical in one of mine. But I’m rewicking the horizontal twice as often as the vert. Not because it needs it more, but because I put off the vertical rewick till it tasted like a dirty gym sock.


I have the exact opposite experience with the Aromamizer using hemp. Vertical is the only thing with decent airflow and the wicking is vastly superior. Plus, my horizontal build gummed up immediately.

My aromamizer whistles like crazy and the flavor is just on part with the TFV4…meaning not great. The AFC is straight up cheasy for a nearly $50 atty. I don’t know, machining and building are nice, it’s a quality piece otherwise. I’m hoping I can at least get it built to have a little more flavor. The whistle is trying my wife’s patience and it’s shark week…so I am on real thin ice.

I use the 2 hole AFC band. No whistling whatsoever.

I can appreciate what you’re saying about the vertical being better with hemp. Going by what I’ve seen you post and the way hemp looks I can imagine it’s the best way to go with this tank.

As for the sharks, just bite back :slight_smile:

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I’ll switch to two hole right now. But horizontal, it was a really tight draw. The hemp was way crimped and the coils are up really high like the ohm ega. I love the capacity, but I am so in love with the flavor of the bellus now that I can hardly even switch to my billow nanos. The Goblin is kicking the flavor too, but Ive already lost the fill screw once!

Sir, I’ve been with this person 24 years. The whistling will neex to stop :wink:

One of mine I have to line up the air intake holes with the coil after screwing onto the base. The other lines up by itself. If it isn’t lined up properly it won’t draw worth crap, but you already know that. I’m the idiot who took a day and a half to figure it out.

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How do u line them up separately? I thought it just was what it was? On verticals, you just have to make sure you pull the coils out away from the posts. Mine is 24ga 8 wraps on a 3mm jig.

I hold my mod upside down with the base screwed down all the way. Then I’ll turn it till the coil is facing me. Screw on the tank. If the air hole doesn’t line up with the coil I’ll just back it off some till it does. Since there are 4 hols that means never even a full 1/4 turn. Then if using the 2 hold AFC band just put the band with the holes lining up with the coils as well. Try that. I bet your whistling goes away and your flavor jumps through the roof.

If you have good eyes and the right amount of light you can see the coil through the air holes.

If you’re not too worried about cosmetics you can do it what I just did also. Take your tank off and then use a sharpie and make a mark on the knurled portion of the base in line with your coil. That way when you screwed down the tank you’ll know where to line up your air holes.


Trust me, next to my face one does not need to worry about cosmetics. I could vape a dog turd looking arty and it would be an improvement.

The last two times I took mine apart the posts and build unscrewed from the knurled ring…I’m close to spilling all over myself, but I will do this. Thanks for the tip.

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Just make sure before you put the mark on the base ring that the build deck is tightened all the way. No sense making a mark that needs to change in 5 minutes.

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I post for me brother. I respect that you guys are all smart enough to have your own opinions and experience. I just post my experience just like everyone else posts theirs. I’m not trying to be contrary, but I’m not afraid to have a different opinion. I don’t think you are either, eh?

I’ve never claimed to speak for other than myself, and again, I use hemp unlike virtually everyone else. It definitely matters with this atty.

I apologize if I offended you. If you want to tell me the exact wording that did so I can go back and change it. Wasn’t my intention at all.


It’s not my opinion, but my experience. I don’t see it as contradictory to the experience of others. As fast as I know I’m the only one on here wicking this with hemp. As for the whistling, I suppose I could record it, but that is also simply fact.

I don’t see any of this as me negating what others have said.

I know you didn’t like the bellus. Hell I didn’t either until I cracked the code. You may have and still not like it. That’s cool, doesn’t make me feel like I am wrong for liking it. I certainly don’t intend to tell folks what tey like. Sorry, just a little confused by your comments. . .I don’t believe in absolutes, so I’m not sure what is going on here. I’m an engineer, social skills are not my strong suit. I am sorry though.


Yeah, I can’t keep quiet on this one…
@therabidweasel : you are not required to post or state IMO in any of your rantings, ever…as far as I’m concerned, and probably most others, everything that spews forth from your fingertips is, in all manners, your opinion…you do not, have not, will not, ever represent the whole, the partial, or any other part of the forum in any way…and for someone to suggest that you do, when you merely share an opinion, is quite asinine and completely self centered and self absorbed…so, on that note, rant on, my brother, rant on…your opinion is your opinion and I like hearing it…and it does NOT require n explanation, an apology, or an “IMO”…
And THAT is my opinion!



OK, well in the spirit of de-escalation, let me say that I did exactly what @SthrnMixer suggested and the tank is now quiet as a mouse. It was absolutely screaming with 4 holes half blocked off though. In addition, I had put this tank down for a day, and now that the hemp is a little more broken in. . .its pretty rad. I get what you guys are talking about now. I think it has the edge on the TFV4, certainly it does in a few respects, not the least of which is it not being a Smok product.

I am vaping some of @Amy2’s Sakura Donuts as an SnV and it’s just thick rich clouds with a lot of yum yum. I am certain I could pull out more details of the cherry blossom using the bellus, but it would not blow clouds like this.

Anyhoo, let’s all remain calm. I think some valid points were put out there and maybe a misunderstanding here and there, but I hope we can all move on, drop the negativity and get proper, once a year flush this piece of crap 2015 down the toilet intoxicated. Well, that’s my plan, and it’s starting when I hit “reply.”

Love you guys.


You’re a class act dude.


THIS WORKS! It’s much more quiet now. Good catch!

Ok. I just gave away my TFV4 to my son because his old Atlantis was toast. Anyhow, I’m now
without a tank until I get my 2nd TFV4 from China. Ordered from FT on the 4th and it isn’t due to even ship out until this Tuesday. Sooooooooooo,

Do you all think the Aromamizer is still GREAT as you all seem to have loved it a lot in this thread?

I want to buy a 2nd tank from a vendor here in the U.S. so I can get it QUICKly. I only have RDA’s
right now.

Buy the Aromamizer ? If so, any recommendations on where?
I’ve been looking around, but wow… so many varied prices on ebay. I’m afraid I will end up with
a clone or something. But, I trust ya’ll.

What do ya think?

I still think mine is great, but I haven’t had it that long. I’d buy another in a heartbeat. It’s super easy to build and so far, NO leaks.

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You won’t regret getting the Aromamizer with the two post Velocity deck!

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