Asking your are missing ingredient "x"

What are meaning “you are missing ingredient x”
with mark “x” ? Ist something wrong?


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All that means is that you don’t have one or more of the ingredients in that specific recipe.
The first item in the recipe is incorrectly listed by the poster so that may be the problem
Have you loaded all your flavours into the calculator?


Go to the beginners section there are a lot of very useful articles for those new to mixing


What is chiller ??? Im guessing some kind if cooling effect … One of the most important things when mixing DIY recipes is to list the flavors properly … It wont help you or anyone else if flavors arent listed properly


Just click on the “your are missing x” and it’ll show which ones are missing (from your flavor stash).
If you have all those flavors, just add them to your stash. Please make sure you are using proper flavor names. As suggested, reading the guidelines in the forum will help you get the most out of ELR.

If that flavor “chiller” is a stone (a mix of other concentrates), it would be very helpful if you enter it to your stash and add a note what it consists of (proper %). For future use and for others that may look for something similar, it would also be helpful if you’d enter the flavor name with “stone” in the name.