Basil Flavor?

Nope don’t have the OOO Basil
(Adds it to the next cart order LOL)


hang on… of course I have… with fish …but it might be a better vape with out the fish


Might be good with the fish too. One never knows till one tries.


LOL!! In this instance I have absolutely NO desire to see how far I can go!.. however @Bob_Bitchen, you go right ahead!!.. please pass on my regards to Mr Eliot.

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The gelato sounded weird to me too, it was actually my wife that ordered it and forced me to try it. It really didn’t taste strange at all, just really, really good. Before that, I had no idea that basil could work so well with sugar.

Triangles? I don’t get it.

The anise flavour that is in some of the basil concentrates as mentioned by @Plunderdrum and yourself may actually work well with citrus flavours - it is certainly worth trying if you have the flavours handy.


As in the warning triangles you see nxt to many flavours :warning:

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Gotcha, thanks.

  • :warning: Has been reported to grow in lungs :wink:

:warning: == flavour town


Agree 100%

Isn’t the NF one a pure extract?
Oh! and I guess you weren’t impressed by the 2nd tasting?

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Ah! Yes, yes it is a pure extract. I meant a different pure extract! Haha! Just saying that I wasnt looking for TFA or Cap or something. But I’m looking for a Sweet Basil extract without the anise aspect to it. I havent done the second testing yet, want it to have a longer steep. But, it was pretty heavily anise. I can’t see it steeping out.


Well, good luck with that! I often use fresh Basil in the kitchen , and I do notice a lot of an anise aspect…and a very strong anise flavour to the premium Basil that Tesco sold at one time (I forget what it was called) . I loved it, but had to change back to the bog-standard basil, cos my son hated it, and it almost put him off Basil!

I think I’m gonna like the NF basil, just fine :slight_smile: It’s just getting my hands on the stuff !

Hmmm, but NOW I’m mixing for my son as well as myself…aaaaargh!


When making an extract of something you trying to do a few different things, concentrate the flavor, separate the flavor compounds from everything else. That being said the drying process is helpful in breaking down cell walls so those things can get out, also by drying them you make the cells want to absorb the compound you are trying to suspend the flavor compounds in. Hope this makes sense to you.


Yes, it does …particularly the absorption bit. Thx @Cutlass92
Its been pretty hot over here lately (42C/107F+) & my basil is looking pretty 107F***'ed. I was going to leave it till it recovered a bit, but now might actually be a good time to get on to it - it’ll be dry 10 min after picking!

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A couple of days ago I bruised up about 4 fresh Thai basil leaves and shoved them in a 10 ml bottle and filled it with PG. I’ve just pulled the leaves out of the bottle and I’m now the proud owner of about 8ml of bright green anise flavoured poo. Good old finger test suggests that it’s not very strong but it does seem to have that fresh basil flavor that the dried stuff lacks. The flavor is not what I’m chasing and I was just mucking about when I made it but the point is that it tastes fresh and perhaps infusing the nice fresh sweet basil flavor into PG is not inconceivable.

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the dried basil you get at the grocer would probably give off more flavour, add a touch of stevia and you could probably mimic a sweet basil flavour? Just thinking “out loud” here, cause I can really see the need for what you seek. Dried basil in pg, a 60c degree crockpot heating session and voila, basil infused pg?

If its safe to use, thats another question yet to be answered :smiley:

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Good news and bad news:

The good news is that it’s PG-free
The bad news is that they only ship to Europe

I’m gonna order some :grinning:

if anybody else (eg @Plunderdrum) wants some really badly, I might be willing to order some extra and ship it on. But the postage might be bloody high ofc.

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Next time I reckon I’ll use mostly dry basil with a few fresh leaves thrown in and see what happens :smile:

I made a comment earlier about the possibility of microbes growing in the mix and I’ve since learned that PG has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties so it seems unlikely that something would grow in a N.E.T.