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Ty Gents glad to see you around.


Oh Yea P.S. I must say done a little coding in my days, and functions, DB integration, simplicity and design on this site are par excellence. That is to say better then all of it’s kind. And export stash is nice to have for backup. Congrats on the site!


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Hello all,
My name is Jerry and I’ve been vaping since March 2018, after 30 years of smoking I finally decided to give it up.
It’s been an interesting journey and I know I still have a lot to learn, but I can only take it one day at a time. I do know Sub Ohm tanks are not for me as I seem to go thru coils like every 3 days so now I have the Pyro RDTA which I like and even though I buy pre-made coils they are lasting at least 2 weeks. I hope to eventually get into building my own coils as I hear the flavor is just so much better. I look forward to some good reading and a lot of learning. :smile:


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Hi and welcome Jerry.
Coil building is something you just have to dive into. I’m a big fan of fused claptons because of their flavor and ease to make.
Check out Patino’s Alien maker if you want super easy multi-core claptons.


Welcome Jerry! You’re gonna have fun!


Welcome @jerry13 and i will 2nd what @Suomynona shared. It’s not as difficult as you might think. Buying premade coils ends in the same result, building saves a ton of money and you know exactly what you have in the end! You can also get RBA’s for sub ohm tanks and basically turn them into rbta’s! It’s a fascinating hobby and 100% better than cigs!!


Nice set of tools, looks easier than the paper clips that tend to fling off if you go to fast!!!


Welcome @jerry13 :raised_hand:


Welcome and glad you joined.


I did not know that, I will have to look into that now. Thanks for the info


I still use a couple of older kangertech tanks and the rba deck will rival alot of modern devices with the right coil! Also use the rba coil deck in my Smok TFV8, Freemax Star Pro!!!

You can find them here and save a few dollars as well!! I have been told to choose DHL delivery and you can get things quicker! My last order without the DHL took 3 weeks to arrive!


Welcome all,
May your recipes be flavorful and change your wicks often.

Sweetner, while not bad, will turn thy coils into a charcoal brisket

Too much is never enough, but not enough is probably just right.


I’m JiM2 and I am new to DIY mixing, not new to Vaping. I love this site! I like MTL and I am currently using a Digiflavor Siren V2 coupled to a Predator 228 regulated Mod. I have been getting the taste of single flavors and finding what I like. I tend to eyeball my mixes using the That looks about right method (TLAR). I buy a pre-mixed base of 6mg Nic @ 30pg/70vg. I make a small bottle single flavor batch for each of my flavors. I vape one for awhile and then decide if I need to increase or decrease the flavor or add a second flavor. I play with the ratios at each refill until I find something I like then vape it till its gone. I was looking for a tool such as this site so I can start tracking what I like best. I just wish I could reproduce my favorite flavor from my local go-to Vape shop. Its an American Tobacco that literally goes well with anything and always makes it a little better. Oh well, maybe ill come up with something someday.



Welcome @JiM210. Glad to have you and I hope you find a mix to your liking.


Welcome Jim
If you do your best to describe your favorite liquid, people here can help you point in the right direction. Lots of people here have a vast knowledge about the hundreds of different flavors. There’s a forum section for clone requests, feel free to make use of it.