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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome @Santovapor :raised_hand:


Welcome and glad you joined.
I think I understood all that you said, good job. Sorry to hear about your countries complete ban on vaping.


Welcome aboard @Santovapor :wave:
There is plenty of knowledge here at ELR and the kind folks are more than willing to help with any question you may ask.


Hi my real name is Alexander im 21. Been vaping for 5 months,out of those 3 months free of any ciggaretes. Im into rda’s and rta’s mostly dtl. Came here to learn :slight_smile:


Welcome Alexander.
Great to have you here and I bet you came to the right place. Friendly happy bunch of vapers here with years of knowledge to share :slight_smile:

If you scroll up a few posts, you’ll find a link that’ll get you up to speed with the basics of this forum and in #e-liquids:beginners you’ll find everything you need to know to get started with mixing.

Have any questions, fire away. People from all time zones are here so you’ll never have to wait long for an answer :slight_smile:

Happy mxing!


Welcome @Beardedkojo :raised_hand:


Welcome Alexander @Beardedkojo :wave:
You have come to the right place to learn. I still class myself as new but i have learnt heaps from the good folk here.


Hello Alexander. I am also a novice. There is a lot of knowledge here. Browse the forum, read the topics, and ask if you can not find what you are looking for, the people here are very nice. Greetings from Barcelona and forgive my bad English.


Thanks for a kind welcome brother !


Welcome to ELR @Beardedkojo


Welcome and glad you joined.


New to the group & new to mixing. Been vaping over 4 years. Not very adventurous, just puffing same old juice. Hadn’t tried many flavors & just stayed with one or two basic blends. My local shop has had supply issues & constantly increasing prices. After getting jerked around one to many times. I looking into mixing. I’m shocked at how cheap I can make my own juice. I could dump buckets of failed mixes & still be cheaper. Now I’m totally stoked about tasting & attempting new flavs. Having fun & chatting with new peeps. I’m a.total NooB, so I will ask questions. Even dumb ones. So please forgive me in advance. I got thick skin so I can take & enjoy a good ribbing now & again.


Welcome to ELR and the big rabbit hole.
In #e-liquids:beginners you’ll find a lot of useful guides and beginners questions already answered. The search function will dig up a lot of useful info but if there’s something you can’t find, ask away.

Have fun mixing :slight_smile:

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Welcome to ELR. Happy to have you here. Have fun. Read a lot you’ll be mixing in no time.


Welcome aboard.


Welcome @GSAutoTech. You’re GOING to be busy, once you get that juice mixing hoard shipped !!!


Welcome and glad you joined.


So I started gathering my stash about a week ago when I decided to mix. After a small order of flavors, about 30, I realized I needed to expand my palette. I had not tasted many of the fabulous new mixes available. Top that off with, I’m a simple dude with no experience taste testing anything. I.e. you’d never find me at a wine tasting, swishing, swirling, gurgling or sniffing Port or Chablis then giving some fantastic report on the 50 individual “notes”… lol
So I have a lot to learn.
Thanks for having me.


Tell us what you have been vaping (for years) and we may be able to give you a couple recipes we recommend that would be in the same ballpark.

There are a few new starters posts, I think pinned somewhere, advising about what to start with. The how to start is great if you have most popular tastes. If like me you don’t like CAP custard, you might find it a bit off.
Also, they are long and pretty much every new starter is in a hurry.

As a summary, you probably don’t want to buy what you think you want to buy, get plenty bottles for testing, get cheap scales, screw pipettes and syringes*, get twist top caps for your VG/premixed base bottles.
With hindsight, don’t be like me and get fewer flavours :slight_smile:

*contentious :man_shrugging:


Welcome @GSAutoTech :raised_hand: