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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome, greetings from Barcelona. Here you will find friendly people who can always help you (I am not, that I am a novice) and much knowledge accumulated in the forum


Thanks gus, glad to be a part of e-liquids-recipes.


Welcome aboard @FoOtTaPpEr :wave: glad to have join :+1:


Welcome :wave:
I’m only new to the forum but your right about the great advice and people. Everyone I have spoken to have been so helpful and this place is a wealth of information. Good luck on your mixing journey!


Thanks Dfex, glad to be onboard.


Thank you Burga,
Nice to be here.


Welcome to ELR @FoOtTaPpEr.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @FoOtTaPpEr. Hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi there, I’ll try to be polite, so a quick Introduction…
my real name is Stefan, I’m from Berlin/Germany, so expect some germanisms in my comments.
I’ve actually come here trying to find some decent “clones” of more common commercial liquids, although even before owning my first vaporizer, I was already watching DIYorDIE on youtube ;).
Started vaping in may 2017 and only with basic, mostly FA, single flavours. I mixed up some liters of unvapable juices and finally switched to the likes of red astaire, heisenberg etc.
But over the last 1.5 yrs I stocked quite a stash of single flavours so I started looking for some use for them and found this platform.
I used to keep detailed track of my experiments in a spreadsheet but found this site’s recipe function to be actually cleaner and more convenient than an excel sheet, so I added two new experiments here. Since I find both of them somewhat tasty, maybe more will follow, or maybe not. Cheers :wink:


welcome @semantic_accident , hope you’ll stay, and about this spreadsheet you’re talking about… please, do post all of your notes if you have the time. We learn from each other here.


Welcome FT :handshake:

Even with DIY you have to to careful and not make assumptions. A lot of concentrates are food products and may contain coloring or preservatives, while others are produced specifically with the vaping market in mind.
When in doubt, try to contact the manufacturer. A lot of them are very open and approachable. There are MSDS sheets available for a lot of products in these forums and often on the flavor pages as well.


Welcome @semantic_accident

With a nice stash of FA flavors, I’m sure you’ll find a few good recipes here that would put commercial juices to shame :wink:

Have fun and enjoy!


Welcome @semantic_accident :raised_hand:


Thanks for the heads up Suomynona.


Thanks Lostmarbles, glad to be here.


Thank you Brotherbod.


Welcome to ELR Vincent


Thanks for the welcome @all and @delltrapp: sharing that sheet will probably not help anyone. But, as you probably all experienced yourselves in a similar fashion, since I started vaping indoors, productivity went through the roof so maybe I’ll convert it to html later and put a link in my profile or sth like that.
Cheers folks


Welcome and glad you joined.
Don’t give up. Sometimes I need to do 30 (no nic) or so recipes before I find 2 or 3 I would want do again or modify to make them better. When starting out, I tried to stick to recipes with a good positive following.