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Welcome aboard @semantic_accident :wave:
Glad you have joined :+1:


Greetings ELR family!

After 24 years as “loyal and lifetime Philip Morris customer” I decided to give a chance to vaping. That happened exactly 6 months ago and since day one I’ve never had a cigarette again.
Just a couple of weeks after I started to vape I realized how awesome the DIY could be with all those hundreds of flavors and thousands of combinations.
I’m based in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and unfortunately everything related to e-cigs/vaping is not allowed so as you can imagine it is extremely difficult and expensive to have the good stuff but going back to cancer stickers it’s not an option anymore, so, here I am to learn, get some help and help in any way I possibly can. :slight_smile:


Welcome and glad you joined.


welcome @giuliano. Hope you enjoy your stay


Welcome @giuliano


Welcome aboard @giuliano :wave: glad you joined. :+1:


Welcome @giuliano


Thank you all! :slight_smile:


Welcome @giuliano :raised_hand:


Welcome @giuliano


Welcome @giuliano


Bim Vendo from Germany @giuliano or at least something like that they say in Portugal :wink:


@semantic_accident Bem vindo, close enough :slight_smile: Dank!


G’day all, I am new, have been at 30 year smoker at 40 per day. Have been off the smokes for a month (a months vaping) and come from Australia. Cigs have risen to over a 1 dollar each now, so this is the next logical step. I enjoy your site and appreciate the effort everyone puts into it :+1::beers::australia:


Welcome to ELR and congrats on being smoke free for a month!


Cheers and thanks for the welcome.


Welcome @giuliano and @U4EA_fan


Welcome and glad you joined.
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Welcome and congrats on quitting the stinkers. Keep it up 'cause it works if you want it to. Just celebrated my 4th year tobacco-free on Christmas Eve.


Welcome @U4EA_fan :raised_hand: