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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Howdy! been here a while but figured I should introduce myself. Quit smoking March this year and went on a health kick. Smoked off and on 20+ years. Had been a couch potato and was up to 297lbs. Have gotten active walking and on a strict diet. Down to 207lbs now. Before quitting I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath and now walk 3-4 miles a day. Really enjoy this site and have been mixing for about 6 months now. Still learning something new every day.


Welcome @U4EA_fan


Great story and welcome @scifoc.


Welcome @scifoc :raised_hand:


Welcome @scifoc


Welcome aboard @U4EA_fan & @scifoc :wave:
Glad you joined :+1:


Welcome and glad you joined.


Hello everybody, my name is Chuck, and I think it’s about time I introduce myself. The truth is I’ve been stalking, I mean following you guys here for about four years. I actually feel like I have gotten to know some of you, all the more reason to start getting involved with this really cool family of mixers. I quit smoking on Sept. 24th, 2014 when I bought my first vape pen and never looked back. I smoked for 35 years (OK you math wizards now know I’m an old guy) and had tried many times to quit. Vaping did it for me, I started with a 24 mg/mL juice and worked down to my current nic level which is zero. At first mixing wasn’t so easy, then I found ELR and you guys had some wonderful recipes to steal, I mean adapt. Now I have a great hobby with 400+ recipes under my belt, a lot yet to learn and even more fun to be had. Yeah, the truth is I owe you and this site a very big Thank You. Nice to make your acquaintance.


Welcome from 4 yrs ago @Chuck4 :wink:
I wasn’t here back then but welcome anyway :wave:


Welcome @Chuck4 :raised_hand:


A pleasure to meet you @Chuck4. :slight_smile:


Welcome @Chuck4, it’s never too late to join up !!!


Welcome @Chuck4


Welcome @scifoc and @Chuck4


We’ve been watching you too. Now put your pants back on. Lol



Welcome and glad you joined.


LOL @Chrispdx It’s always good when people get your since of humor.


Thanks for the warm welcome folks.


I’ve been lurking for a bit researching DIY kit so thought I should say hey. I first started vaping back in 2015, ended up back on stinkies but now I’m back vaping with a vengeance. I’m on the look out for all things PG free as I’m REALLY PG sensitive (what a princess eh?) My DIY kit is starting to arrive so brace yourselves for idiotic questions!



A few PG free friendly mixers might be able to help. @jay210 and @Plunderdrum