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Be polite and introduce yourself!


Welcome @BikesAndBacon :raised_hand:


Welcome, from one lurker to another! :blush:


Lurkers unite! @Molly_Mcghee :joy:

Hi everyone :wave:


Hello and welcome!

The DIY Rabbit hole is deep! The Pg-free version is much, much more shallow, but I’ve been mixing a year and a half and haven’t nearly reached the bottom.

One thing you’ll find is that most, and I mean Most, of other people’s recipes are almost impossible for us to mix, but you can use them for inspiration! There are lots and lots of PG-free flavors, here are mine: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/publicstash/128236 . All but the Bacon (ooo) are good to go.

Living in Gloucester, your first person to ask about flavor gathering logistics is @jay210. She has done figurative tons of research in the UK on suppliers.

Full disclosure: I actually add 15% PG to my recipes, but every one of them use only PG-free concentrates and extracts. So you just omit the added PG by hitting Max VG. Also make sure when you input your flavors when adapting or creating a recipe that you click either “other” or “VG” . Most of them default to PG.

Happy mixing! Feel free to PM any time if you need anything.


Welcome and glad you joined.


Keep on with that attitude @BikesAndBacon I did a bit of lerking here myself. There is plenty of help to be found in these pages.


hey @BikesAndBacon , and welcome to the rabbit hole:)
yep, @Plunderdrum was quite right to call me over here. not only am i every trace of PG in my mixes, bu, unlike most, t i live in the UK too , so might be able to point you at the handiest flavour suppliers.
At the budget end of the spectrum, Rainbow Vapes spring to mind, for a near-enough full range of Real Flaviours Super concentrates at nice prices, too. And…well, first why not at this thread: Calling all PG-free mixers!
Ofc it won’t be long before we start trying to persuade you to part with loads of dosh at one throw for the wonderful Mecicine Flower concentrates (they are sooo worth it) , but as a brand new mixer, it’s probably e wise make your mistakes with something cheaper to start with
I could go on and on,…but heck, somehpw i forgot to go to bed last night and I expect i’ll talking gibberish soon (if not already) . So, umm, here’s a handy tip_ type PG-free in the search bar. That should throw up the right the specialist threads , and do have a really food look at the beginners section. I almost said that the advice in there is worth it’s weight in gold , but , erm, hang on, how much exactly does a pixel weigh? :laughing: so let;s say it’s worth my weight in gold instead.
Feel free to drop me as PM, at need . . Oh! and thanks for swelling the Pg-free princess ranks!
We need a few more like us. :grin:


Welcome aboard @BikesAndBacon :wave:


Thanks @jay210, I’ve been doing a lot of reading already over the last few months, and think I have that thread bookmarked. I was tempted to try MF but as you said, the logistics (well, costs) of that aren’t easy in the U.K., most of the Botanic Elixir range is out of stock at the moment too. I had a selection of Kandi Hed VG concentrates arrive on Friday to give me a cheap start to muck about with, exactly like you suggest. Everything else should come this week, which is exciting times. Maybe when I’m deeper down the rabbit hole we can talk about splitting some postage on those tempting MF & NF orders!! :joy:


A big desert rat welcome to all I’ve missed. Sorry I didn’t welcome y’all sooner.


Ooh! you look to be really on the ball . I’m impressed :slight_smile: I think you ought to be our newbie of the month, …but don’t get yer hopes up. I’m pretty sure the software just gives out that badge automatically to …umm whatever kind of poster makes a good impression on the bots (she says carefully) Sometimes we’re apt to agree, and sometimes decidedly not.

As regards Botanic Elixer… i am soooo pissed off about that. They promised me they were gonna restock by… :thinking: last July , I think it was. Maybe you can send 'em a polite enquiry? (and report back on the MF suppliers thread) and I’ve got fed up of checking by now. Why not me? I don’t trust myself to be polite, at this juncture :rofl: . And , more to the pont, I’d like 'em to know that I’m not the only one waiting impatiiently.

Yep, might be up for a group buy, in the future : ) Right now , i’m way behind with SF testing, so sternly resisting buying more (Much easier said than done :laughing: but I’m bearing up thus far)


Researching the life out of things is just how I’m wired.

Enquiry sent and will let you know on that thread if/when I get a reply.

Was hoping to get some stuff mixed this weekend for SFT but I appear to be dying of the plague so it hasn’t quite gone to plan :mask::rofl:


@jay210 I officially am! I have a shiney badge and I am very surprised!


Welcome @U4EA_fan :wave:
Congrats on making the switch!!
I am in Aust too, hubby and I are almost a year vaping , no cigs. Made the switch cause of $$ too, glad we did, have saved a bunch and healthier to boot!!
Hope your ready for a wild ride!! :+1:


Welcome @BikesAndBacon :+1:


Welcome @Chuck4 :sunglasses:
(Guilty of lurking here too but it can take a while to summon the courage!)


Welcome to anyone I may have missed while MIA (read selling/moving house).
Always glad to see new people join the ranks :wink:


Hi, I’m DarkJester89 and its been 148 posts since I’ve said “velcome tu ze thunderdome” to the new mixers.

May your juice …be fruitful, your coils be fresh and new, and your batteries hit like a donkey full of jumping beans.

Welcome to the family, ask for their are no stupid questions.


Hello people, I am new and glad to be here, I am from the Netherlands, I am vaping almost 2 months and smoke just one cigarette in the morning, I smoked almost 37 years every day tabac, using Taifun Gt for vaping, just started to mix for myself and friends,
My first mix is from Chefs Vapour, Spotted Dick&Custard and Ry-Whore they are now 5 days riping the taste comes lightly I put them in a brown glass bottle 2x50ml, well that’s it for now maybe if my Liqueds are ready I will make a review of them because I can’t find a lot of reviews on the forum or elsewhere outside the forum, have a good day everybody : )


Weclome @Freddie4 glad to have you on the forums.