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Weclome @Freddie4


Welcome to ELR @Freddie4.


Welcome @Freddie4


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome @Freddie4


Welcome @Freddie4 glad your here. I also use a Taifun GT, It’s the GT3. I’m looking forward to your review of your juices.


Howdy @Freddie4 :wave: welcome aboard :+1:
Any relation to @Freddie3 @freddie2 or @Freddie :grin:


Welcome @Freddie4 :raised_hand:


Hi all, just found this thread, been a member here for a while but only really been using the recipe site.

I’m in the UK and been vaping for 11 months now, after smoking for about 30 years. Been mixing my own juice and building coils for about 9 months. Starting to get into squonking now, got an ijoy capo but hoping to find something better.



Hehehe No relation. Looks like @Freddie and @Freddie2 have no history or activity.

Welcome @Freddie4 and @ghoti1


Hi @Freddie4 and @ghoti1 :wave::partying_face:


Welcome @ghoti1 :wave:


Welcome to ELR forums.


Welcome to “the other side” @ghoti1. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


…“May your juice …be fruitful, your coils be fresh and new, and your batteries hit like a donkey full of jumping beans.” – @DarkJester89

Sí, lo que dijo el oscuro:
Que su jugo … sea fructífero, sus rollos sean frescos y nuevos, y sus baterías golpeen como un burro lleno de frijoles saltando.


Ya, your anniversary is coming up soon, eh?

Just curious, which/what bottle(s) are you using in the iJoy Capo?
I like the mod but not the bottles, just wondering if your bottles came
any different in the UK vs the US.



Welcome @ghoti1


Glad your here @ghoti1


Hi ozo yeah I’m just using the ones that came with it - The box had two cs-1 and cs-2 and the cs-2 seems softer so I use that. But they are both rubbish to be honest. I don’t think they fit very well because they seem to push the little door thing off the mod when you give it a squeeze.
I might try to find a different bottle, but not sure where to look TBH

I’ve got a niagara on the way now too. :grinning:


Welcome and glad you joined.