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Beginner site question

Im trying to use the calc to make some liquids but it gives me an error
First of all i have a single base 50/50 with 18ml nicotine i can’t choose to use this when i enter 18mg Desired strength
and then Nicotine strength 18mg it gives me an error Something is wrong with the numbers. PG/VG ratio? Also im not sure whats the nicotine pg/vg im questing in my case it 50/50 same as my base?? any help??

If your base starts at 18mg you will not be able to do a finished product with 18mg. Flavors are going to dilute your base a little bit, so you will have to reduce your desired % until that goes away. Also, your flavors are likely PG, so you will have to increase your desired PG% because the PG in your flavors is going to skew your % a little.


Thats something i didn’t know thanks!!For now im trying to make some existing flavors to my liking and this was giving me a bad time figuring out…

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A lot of good tips for starting out are in this thread:


Hey guys.
Just recently started mixing my own juice and dont seem to be getting alot of flavour. 70vg.30pg premixed. 200ml overall batch with 15%flavour. Now i used 85% vgpg and 15% concentrate eg 30ml concentrate and 170 ml vgpg mix. Ive steeped warmed and shook my wrist off for nearly a week and little differnce am i doing something wrong or has my ex cig smoking tongue died.
Andy C

I was going to let someone else “answer” this but thought I would start off.
From what you wrote, you made a 200ml batch of “something” that has a 15% flavor (not doing the math but assuming pg flavoring your at about 60vg/40pg or so).
IMHO until I know if I like something I don’t make more than a 30ml batch, even if I do like something I don’t normally make more than 50 or 60ml (BaN would be the exception to the rule). Since I have a good bit of juices steeped, when trying new things or just testing single flavors I’ll make 15ml… if it is just okay or better I’ll most likely make a 30ml batch.
To mix 200ml of something, to me, seems pretty committed to a specific recipe and knowing exactly how it’s going to workout… along with knowing I’m going to want to vape that much of that one specific thing.
Or maybe I read your post incorrectly.

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I do the same as tuttlez. 30ml batches split into 2 x 15ml to let some steep. Not until I’m happy with a mix would I commit to anything larger. Potential waste.

My advice is to try upping the flavours. If they get too strong then make an unflavoured base to dilute it. Easier to dilute too strong flavours then the other way around.

For your PG/VG ratios I’ve seen most re pipes have ~20% flavour.

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Fair comment on the size and yes i agree my problem is im in the navy and get little time at home and have to take bulk of made juice away with me for months on end risky taking chance on batch without trying but hey. right i shall give you all my specs and what i have done please feel free to rip me to bits i find i learn better that way lol. ok my outfit is a smok micro one with the standard tfv4 tank and 0.3 ohm clapton duel core. my 70/30 vgpg mix is 0.3% nicotine in 1 ltr tub my concentrate is tmb killa custard. all i did was minused the 15% strength i required from flavour from 100% vg pg premix (170ML) and added the 15%(30ml) to it creating my 200ml. bathed it for 30min beeen shaking on regular basis and airiating but very little flavour. i have tried the same method with similar flavours and the same result. question… when mixing eg shaking like a nutter in my case once emulsified should it stay that way after resting if so mine isnt, should i shake/mix more. sorry to be a pain but starting to loose faith and i dont want that to happen. once i get to grips with it there will be no holding me back

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I was in the Navy for 20 years, and although things have changed since I have gotten out, I do understand (depending on your rate), the lack of storage space on a ship, some rates of course have storage locations you can stash stuff… I didn’t.
What I would do, if I were you.
First take a deep breath, then get your current big batch and pour some of it off into either 15 or 30 ml bottles… knowing how much you place in those bottle, and leave head room in the top. Since your saying your lacking flavor I would measure out additional flavoring into those smaller bottles so as to equate a bottle of what you currently have (15% flavoring), a bottle that would have 17.5% flavoring and one that had 20% flavoring. Be advised adding flavoring is going to decrease your nic level (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing… but you do need to understand that).
I have never had the juice your talking about so I don’t know what it should taste like (strong/weak).

Are you saying your mixed recipe is separating? That shouldn’t happen once you’ve shaken it.

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It has emulsified but seems to loose it a little after a while and even though its better than my last batch it still has no flavour. Surley even with little steeping it should have some sort of flavour. Ps did my explaination make any sense this time lol

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And letwe 14 yrs and protector

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I will try the advice ive ordered some more flavour

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Hello everyone…I am trying to add flavoring to my e-juice…The juice is called strawberry Shortcake…From milky cones vapery…
I bought Starwberry concentrate and Sweetner concentrate. I split the e-juice into 30ml bottles, just in case i mess it up…How many drops of strawberry would you recommend i use, of Strawberry, and how many should i use of Sweetner? Thanks in advance…

Personally I woul divide one of those 30ml bottles down further into at least 15ml then go to the flavoring side of the site and look up the brand of strawberry you have and look at the percentages others have used as a single flavor or within a mix to decide what additional flavor you would want to add. It is pretty hard to suggest how much more flavoring to add to something that already has flavoring in it to boost flavor, not knowing the strength that your already tasting (since taste is subjective to begin with) and since different brands of flavorings offer different types of flavors and may take more or less additions. That is why I would break your current mix into a smaller set of test batches to start with.
Sorry I know it isn’t really the answer you were hoping to achieve.

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