Best Flavor Source for 1 Stop DIY

Hello I just joined a few days ago and I am learning alot about mixing flavors and steeping. I have 250ml of what I will call a suicide fruit mix because I had to substitute some flavors. I started my journey with liquid barn starter kit, things have been going well but i need to buy some more flavors and vg as I am short. I have tried to look from the threads provided and I see some info however I was wondering if you guys can help me out with a fresh thread and a new set of eyes? My preference is VG base at 90/10 although I just switched from an RDA to an RDTA… So may go with a 80/20. Thanks!


Welcome aboard!!

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking for here. So I’ll start simple and work into it slowly.

Are you aware that there’s actually a company (available online) that sells flavoring, that’s literally called “OneStopDIY”? And is that what you’re asking about? If so, I can definitely recommend" Lucky Shot". Though I just received their Chocolate Mint (literally yesterday) I have yet to try it.

Or, did you mean: “Is there a single ‘best place’ to shop for…”

  • flavors
  • bottles
  • etc

Once you get a bit of experience, and familiarization with things, you’ll learn that these are all wholly separate questions (for most of us).

If you’re looking for the most choices of flavoring in a single location though, most would no doubt recommend BCV (which is now known as Bull City Flavor (instead of Bull City Vapor).


Thanks @Sprkslfly! I was purely asking about flavors. But I can see I need to make my questions one dimensional LOL thanks for the tips.


Welcome to the mad house! :+1: You’ll probably get a dozen different answers, lol. I get a lot of stuff from BCV and can attest they’re really fast and reliable. Nicotine River is good too, especially for the nic. Real Flavors is also a MUST HAVE!


Could read: Analyzing The 100 Top-Rated Recipes
Should give you a few choices as to what flavors are popular.
80/20 may or may not work. Might want to make a small amount to test.


Check out the Resource page You can find lots of information their


Second vote for BCV. Love them and they are 30 minutes from me.

I just used RTS Vape for the first time but only because I won a 90% off coupon from them. Got $145 worth of flavors, nic, PG/VG and bottles for $22 shipped. My only issue with them is they don’t have any CAP flavors in stock.


Oh we *definitely have a great vendor selection here! No doubt about that!!

Some of the best in quality product, awesome customer service, and fast shipping. And community involvement to boot!

My personal favorites are (in alphabetical order to avoid bias):

Nicotine River
Real Flavors

Others that are not “active” here, but have a longstanding positive reputation in the community:

Best selection under one roof:
Bull City Flavors (aka BCV to the ‘old folks’ lol)

honorable mention:
Wizard Labs

@TheTinMan1 one Helluva nice score!! I would have put the car in hock if I got a 90% off coupon! LMAO (unless there was a limit.) I’d have cleaned house! I won’t comment any further (than I did in another thread) about their everyday prices. It’s a good thing they’ve got glass bottles and fast shipping working for them.


Lol. It was 90% up to $150 or I would have done the same. Remortgage the house, sell the car, lol.