Bitter aftertaste

I’ve made quite a few diy recipes, some I’ve made up and others were someone else’s. I always let them steep and they’re usually pretty good. but then I always seem to end up getting a bitter aftertaste after vaping a little while. Anybody have any idea what’s causing this?

i keep a lil cheapo tank filled w/ creme de menthe, seems to cleans my palate

Think it might be vapers tongue?

Pray it away buddy!!!

are they cotton candies? because they will linger for a week+

I usually vape fruity or creamy juices. JW are the cotton candy vapes any good

sry havent tried any personally but my bro has and said it kinda made his mouth"gummy " for a while, then again he doesnt spend alot on good liquids

Hi I am curious what is your base ? Basically how much Pg are you using overall ? Pg is a bitter dry taste and this just may be what is happening, Vg is much sweeter.

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That could be it I usually do about 65/35 so the step time is shorter. I’ll try a max VG and see what happens. Thank you

You could just reduce the pg you don’t necessarily hae to omit it. I mix max vg to eliminate additional pg it’s drying and I’m sensitive to it.


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You could try running 70/30 and lower nicotine, mine are made with about 3mg. Taste so much better.

I have similar problems. I’m assuming it’s either caused by medication or because I cook a lot of savory food and you notice things others may dismiss. I can’t use cotton candy because of it.

I have same issue , I do max VG , also still bitter in my throat , is PG or VG gone bad ??

alostoora the pg is what is tasting bitter. Vg is very sweet drop a small drop and taste it off you finger it should be sweet , pg is bitter drying and yes makes a lot of ppl have a sore throat.

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plese check