Blue Raspberry

When I started vaping blue raspberry juice was the only juice I found interesting. I slowly moved away from it but as the years have gone on, & I’ve gotten familiar with a fair bit with DIY, I crave it again. I’ve tried almost all of the highly rated ones on elr, & it’s just not there. I haven’t spent much time messing with the percentages. I know there may still be some hidden away. Does anyone have a good blueraspberry (candy, lemonade, soda, etc) that is one of your go to mixes?

Different kit, different times, tricks of the memory.
I don’t have a good blue raspberry to suggest, but be aware that with that many things changed you might have to rediscover rather than find back the same one.

This has come up a bit recently.

I hope this helps.

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This is pretty good. The two nicvape concentrates are mandatory. I am sure you could sub the BB, the sweet cream and the marshmallow. The blue raz cotton candy could be swapped for cotton candy or just leave it out.
These are merely suggestions and if possible make it the way I did.

Any and all feedback is welcome.