Brand new to DIY, with MANY questions

Hi, just considering buying a kit from Nic River and am wondering how to select the best 15 flavors? I know, it depends solely on my preferences, but there must be some “staples” that are used more than others. I generally prefer sweet juices. My very favorite so far (Pier38 Toffee Break) is no longer available, hence my wanting to reproduce it for myself. Thanks for any recommendations or suggestions so I don’t make too many mistakes and wind up with flavors I will never use.


I hope this one works better!


You might want to post to the [REQ] Clone thread for more specific advice. Take a minute to read the directions to adequately post there. Giving us more information re: your juice mostly. One thing I know is toffee single flavors are usually disappointing/lacking …meaning you will need a couple/three flavs to nail your imagined clone (Toffee “Break”? implies some coffee too?) Sounds good tho.


Digging in to DIY needs to take some time and lots of reading, searching, watching videos, etc. Then you can make some more informed and focused questions.

My experience was to lurk in the forums for a couple of weeks before i started buying ingredients and equipment. Reading and searching for key words/phrases related to my questions and intent. This will save you lots of headaches if you take this kind of time.

Start with your favorite profile, or the type of vape you are after. Like Toffee? Search the forums and recipe site for Toffee. You can click atop the rating column to find recipes that some people liked. Find a promising recipe, take notes of the ingredients and order them. Do this to a few recipes in different genres snd you have your first order!

Just, don’t expect to like it/them by default. Just because 5 people rated it 5 stsrs and left comments doesn’t mean you will. But, you’ll have a starting point.

Good luck to ya!


best advise had already been said .

a lot of reading and research… the more you know the better equipped you will be. look at flavors you like then look a the recipes that have those flavors…

but probably the most important part will be once you get your flavors. just don’t jump right in and mix every recipe you found … this is were the research comes in start with single flavor testing… learn what your flavors taste like to you.

and above all have fun doing it…


@Cutlass92 I think your URL got fragged brother.

@JimP1 if you’re new to DIY, ELR has an ENTIRE beginner section with a TON of information. One of my favorite links …



I think he did it on porpoise. :dolphin:





Might want to start DIY’g by following:

  1. Try to choose several published recipe mixes which you might think you would like.
  2. Obtain only those flavors you need for those recipes.
  3. Test each flavor as a standalone or single flavor mix and keep notes on them.
    re: Why Test Single Flavors?
  4. Play/Adjust with those recipes with %'s/flavors (may need to obtain additional flavors) until you perfect/get the most out of them. Make full use of E Liquid Recipes’s reviews of each flavor before you buy. Some flavors are lower rated than others while sometimes both flavors are approx. the same cost.
  5. Obtain the higher costs flavors if the lower cost flavors don’t work for you.
    Good choice of kit.

Hey @JimP1!! The best advice I can give you for the kits from NicRiver is to be sure to add something else to the order, too! The kit is priced (or at least last time I checked) at $49.99---- just 1 penny below the free shipping threshold. We didn’t realize that and ended up paying a ridiculous $30+ in shipping. Don’t be dumb like me. :rofl:


Experiment and enjoy good luck


Damn really?


made me go look at my first nic river order.

May 05, 2017 07:50PM

DIY E-Juice Kits - $ 49.99
Beaker Set - $5.99

Subtotal - $ 55.98
Shipping (UPS Ground) -$ 11.78 ( don’t think nicriver was doing $50 free shipping yet)

Total $ 67.76 USD


Yep. Our first order was over $80 with shipping, and we only bought the kit.


I suggest (strongly) that you read this from @Scottes777
A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes