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Bull City Flavors Giveaway! (Ended)


Thanks @Silhouette, this is a super fun idea for a giveaway! I won’t be entering because I have won three giveaways lately, but best of luck to everyone else and I can’t wait to read everyone’s nostalgic memories created by flavor profiles!

The flavor I remember most from my childhood that I would love to recreate (I’ve come close, but not exact yet) is the orange sherbet flavored Flintstones Push-Up Pops from the late 80s early 90s! I loved these things so much I would have lived off of them if my mom would have let me! My favorite summertime treat when I was around 10 years-old!


Since I’ve not been around much as of late, I’ll keep my hat out of the ring. However, I would like to give a hat tip to @Silhouette for the kind gesture! Y’all are some of the awesomest peoples on the interwebbietubes-Cheers!


Chocolate Malt
When I was a kid my mom would let me have these as a reward after going to the dentist. They always laughed at me as i enjoyed the treat. Finally I realized they were laughing at me because the ice cream was running down my numb chin.


As a very small child, there was a local store with a Japanese made candy that had the most awesome flavor unlike any “regular” candy.
I got one every time we went. It was really good. Very hard to remember/identify the flavor, but I have yet to find it again.
It had a very distinct smell, not offputting, maybe a cream with a strong vanilla like combination ? You’d have to try it to say how awesome? different? it was.
Thanks Silhouette !


I won’t be participating either, but a big thank you for the gesture :hugs:
and good luck to everybody participating here :+1:


Loved strawberries when I was young


Strawberry shortcake
My mom had the recipe down when I was a kid.


I ate candy when I was a kid.


Banana Taffy
I loved Banana Taffy when I was a kid, used to get it at the swimming pool.


When I almost drown at the swimming pool, I got cut off the taffy but found a blueberry patch in the backyard.


Thank you for being so thoughtful @Silhouette Does it have to be an ejuice because what takes me back to happier times was visiting Grandma and eating her homemade ricotta pies. Especially the one with small bits of dark chocolate inside the sweet cheese filling. Everything she cooked had a magical taste!

As for ejuice, Sinnamon Cookie Kustard by KOW was my first successful ADV and I’m vaping it right now. A one poster for me, too.


Such a nice gesture I love BCF thank you and thank you WllmC


I think it’s a fun topic even if there’s only one winner, it makes you think of a happy memory and we all could use more happiness in our days !


A flavor that brings me back instantly to early days of DIY is Harvest Berry ! I can smell it right off the bat in just about anything. I seen someone else posted Harvest berry also ! Such a dominant profile !


If I think about early vaping juices prior to DIY it would be NicQuid’s Heartland before I became way to pg sensitive to do mainstream juices !


Any body remember those giant blocks of Gov. Cheese? We were poor so we got the cheese and people would offer my mom money for the cheese because every body thought it was the $#it. I think the only time she sold it was when someone offered her a $100 for it.


Wow :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:
I have always wondered if aliens had teeth! All I ever see in the pictures of them is the small little slit of a mouth :alien:! They never smile, so I have always been curious! Thanks for clearing this up for me:wink::laughing::tada:


Yeah, I remember that stuff from the 80s!!! It was the shiznitz!!! I loved that stuff! I just tried to look it up to see if anyone had tried to recreate the taste of it and found that Land O Lakes Extra Melt Cheese is supposedly a very close match to the original! It is sold on Amazon in 5lb. blocks just like the big blocks the gov. cheese came in back in the day!


I wonder if it’s as good as we remember


The first time I had Indian food. There is a restaurant in Houston, TX called The Taj Mahal. Wow, just wow.