Burnt tasting coils?

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I have to agree with Leticia, a top air flow rta is great. I have 1 OBS, 1 Wotofo Elevate (pretty restricted draw), and 2 Geekvape Zeus X. Mostly vape the Zeus. Easy to build on, pretty big clouds, great flavor and no leaking. I use rayon and you can’t get any cheaper than that. I paid $11 for a box from the beauty supply three years ago and it doesn’t look like I’ve used any. What helped me the most (before I found ELR :wink:) was YouTube. Lots of info there. Good luck and congratulations.


Wow, thanks for all the help, guys (and girls)… I really appreciate it… I think y’all were dead on about commercial coils, cause when I changed my last coil, I opened a new box (instead if finishing off the current one) and all’s well now…
Well, except for now I have the idea bangin around my head that I might be able to make my own coils, lol… :wink:
That bein said, I’m gonna have to check out some YouTube videos, cause I literally have ZERO clue about ANY of this… Ya gotta remember, I’ve only been vapin’ a little over 2 months, and I don’t have contact with a SINGLE person that vape’s besides me… So in 2 months time, I went from smokin 3-4 packs of cigarettes a day (seriously) to a VooPoo Panda (all in one beginner pod system) with NicSalts to buying my first “real” mod (Twister) and movin down to 3 mg e-liquid, to makin my own e-liquid, and now, the “final frontier” of coil building… Lol… A fine influence you guys are! Lol…
So it’s easy to forget that I’m a COMPLETE NOOB and honestly have NO IDEA what I’m doin over here, lol… I honestly still have to look up some of the terms you guys use and throw at me! Lol! I’ve got no idea what kind of tanks or mods work with re-buildable coils, or if I’ll have to buy a new rig (I’m sure I will) or ANYTHING, really… So, I’ll get on YouTube and do some research, and if any of you guys have any good BEGINNER videos, send 'em my way…
And again, I’m extremely grateful for all your help, knowledgeable advice and opinions, and for your helpful and tolerant wisdom… Thanks, y’all…


Hello Christian,
building your own coils isn’t rocket science at all. Different decks, will need to be wicked differently, like velocity vs postless etc. Concepts of RDAs/RTAs differ and so on. No worries, though. I always cross-check by watching “Vaping With Vic”, “Mike Vapes”, “The Vaping Bogan”, “Suck My Mod” or others on Youtube. Give it a try, nothing to loose.
Vape on and best regards,


What recipe are you vaping ??


There are stores that sell their “house” brand fairly reasonably priced, under ten bucks for 30 ml. I use One Stop DIY’s "Baked Cinnamon Roll, PG, VG, and Nic. Some flavors are plenty sweet as they are. Be sure to saturate new coils. After trying the VV/VW stuff for a few years I went back to Innokin Endura T-22, but ymmv.


I was once exactly where you are after having so many dud Smok coils that I took the plunge into building my own,now I won’t buy any type of tank unless it’s rebuildable or has its own dedicated RBA to rebuild on.
As mentioned above YouTube is your friend,look up some simple coil builds and learn about Ohms Law and away you go. All the best buddy.


I had epilepsy growing up and my right hand is just not steady enough. I cannot make my own coils. Juice, yes. Coils, no.