CanaJuice, extracting from kief, bud, anything(EDIT: FOR CROHNS DISEASE)

I have had a few people ask me about making a juice from miss may jane. the easiest method i have found is from kief. had several people ask me about using oils already extracted that you can buy. and at what strength will it be when vaping. have done a little research but wanna hear from you guys what you have found.
EDIT: me and my fiance were talking about this last night and she has a very severe case of crohns disease. So much so that it hurts her to just eat anymore. And with the prices of cbd oil at almost $50 for a 10ml bottle at the least strength she’s hoping I can find a solution to this. She was just in the hospital for a week and is willing to try anything at this point.

Couple topics here that might help.


Google for rosin tech and ej mix, all you need is a hair straightener, coffee filters and the ej mix. Apparently.

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Do you lose the smell when vaping it?

$30 for a 50ml bottle…

i was kinda hoping to use only what i have around instead of buying even more stuff. this is more of an experiment right now to see how it works, using my vg and pg i bought from ecigexpress. and maybe adding flavoring to hinder the smell if any.

my other question is how strong/potent is the vape?

EJ mix is only one of many, i thought a google search would bring up the others. As far as i know it is a mix of PG and what is this other stuff called? PEG? There is PEG-200, PEG-400 etc. I’ve read an article where they said it depends on the mol value but my chemistry knowledge is very limited.

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It must be pretty strong, apparently you can dissolve 1g of resin in 1ml of EJ or whatever else there is.

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surprisingly when i search theres more about using that method to help “suspend” the herb so to speak, and also baking and slow times in high proof alcohol. but my buddy stumbled upon a link about using keif and all the other fine stuff you mainly throw away to make it that way it dont go to waste. was kinda hoping there was more info on this on here.

I put a half gram of “budder hash” into 2.5ml of pg. it took about a week for it to fully break down. It still separates a tiny bit, but one good shake, and it’s mixed. I didn’t add any vg, figured it would have a harder time mixing. barely any vapour is produced, which is fine with me. and it works great. 3-4 puffs on my designated RDA and I’m in couch lock. (Of course I purchase my product legally in Canada…Doctor prescribed…I have insomnia, hahaha or whatever I told the guy).
It tastes like a herb vaporizer, I had tried adding some strawberry ripe, but it didn’t do much.

I would really look into making extracts, rosin tech is so easy and it produces a result with 0% plant material so it will dissolve completely. A bud, a hair straightener, grease proof paper, that’s pretty much it. you can use a coffee filter with kief or something to hold back the plant material. Youtube is full of these videos.

Yeah my buddy a max vg vape guy. So this is gonna get interesting.

I’ll do some more research this weekend when I can really dive into it and wrap my head around it. Weekdays suck thanks to adulting…lol. but that’s also why I posted here to see what kinda of “aaaahaaa” and didn’t think of that…moments I would have reading this

I edited original post due to talking with my fiance. So now there more importance for me to do this…lol