Cannot taste any strawberry flavors anymore

I dont know what is causing this but I’m not able to taste strawberry flavors anymore. I’ve tried pretty much all of the major brands. Its driving me nuts since strawberry was my go to type of vapes. I even stopped vaping anything with strawberry in the juice in hopes my senses would reset but nope. Anybody else experiencing this? Any tips or tricks recommended to taste strawberry again!? thanks.

Not being able to taste strawberry is a pretty common occurrence it seems. There are a couple of threads here that may be of interest. Not sure that they’ll have a solution, but it might be somewhere to start. :slight_smile:


thank you JoJo will definitely have a read

Strawberry seems to be hard to get the flavour right, i have also tried all brands and mixed up as single flavour to see witch one is the best on its own.

None was what i wanted, maybe other flavours mixed with strawberry might bring out the flavour more so please a good Stawberry receipe would be much appreciated :wink: