(cap)dragonfruit vs (tpa) dragonfruit

I think someone said they likes inw’s dragron fruit. But I havnt tried it. I blame @SthrnMixer since I think he said it was a must for one of his mixes.

Let’s wait for him to confirm though since I don’t have the flavor.

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Yep, I’m a whore for some dragon fruit!!

Here’s my take on them;

CAP - More of a “true”, slightly green, concentrated flavor of the [weak] DF flavor, not so sweet and stronger than TFA. 1-3%

INW - VERY strong, not sweet at all and has a strong green note to it .4%-1.5% (I never go over 1% and use it to give the DF more bite)

TFA - Very neutral/balanced on all fronts and a great “round-a-bout” DF flavor 2%-6%

FLV - More of a fruity, almost candy version - Extremely potent .2%-1%

FW - RUBBISH!! 100% in the trash

DueMei - Bit on the strong side. Good, but it doesn’t have anything the others don’t .5%-1%

SC - Given the Super Concentrate name, I expected it to be super strong… Not really. 2%, give or take. Another one you can live without, if you have the others

I have made my own DF base, and I would suggest having TFA, CAP and INW in your stash. If I had to pick just one though, TFA, since it’s more versatile.

My DF base ratio (roughly) is;

3% TFA
1.5% CAP
.8% INW

Some times I will throw in .5% FLV for a more fruity juice

**Also, for what it’s worth, CAP is the only DF flavor that has “bad stuff” in it


Just fantastic. I appalaud your contributions here and all over the elr land. :clap::clap::clap:


:bowing_man::bowing_man::bowing_man: Danke!

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Wasn’t me. I’m not a fan of INW DF. My faves are TPA and CAP

I like it them in combination…first found the wonderful blend of these doing a re-mix of Anonyvape’s Sucker Punch clone.

@DarthVapor is the guru though so I trust his advice on any of them. FYI - I don’t find CAP DF to taste anything like dragon fruit I’ve had. I find the real fruit nearly flavorless.


Indeed they are! I should of said I find it close to a super concentrated version of the real thing, haha


Lol. I just think of you ever day. I love staring at your recipes. I did get to mix your queen of the cookie jar mix (name error I know)…it was very good. I ended up labeling the bottle. Sthrn queen.


OMG! I’m glad my wife doesn’t visit here. She’d have a field day with that one :laughing:


And so will I. :laughing:

Make sure she isn’t around the next time we are on Discord voice chat. I will make sure she hears about it.


I have found @SthrnMixer being crowned!


Oh now there you go too! :laughing:


I know how you like it!

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Yes you definitely have the dl on the dragonfruit! Thank you for sharing all that valuable information.


I’m pretty sure I’ve said as much before. I’ve found I have more than a fondness for most of the Ina I’ve tried. There are a few that have been disappointing though (lime, and raspberry for instance).

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Was it you sparkie that got the weak lime (if so i understand disappointment) . The raspberry is a love hate I like it but it is one of those that will raspberriafy a rock if you let it.

If you like a good strong lime grab Flavorah Lime it is hella strong but super yummy.


Yeah it was. From VapersTek. Still not sure if they’re watering flavors down or if it’s due to being reformulated. But I’ve since had the same issue with a couple others that I received in that same order. Though one of my Ina flavors (Creme Brulee) was normal (strong) strength. So still don’t know what to make of it just yet.

Well, the raspberry I got from RTS last year (which I now assume was an e-aromat variation) was excellent, but had a gnarly throat hit for me. I ordered the Wera Garden variation (weak) from VT, and it was definitely a different flavor than the e-aromat, but now raspberry is also on the reformulated list, though they don’t specify if all raspberries are affected (barring Shisha), or just the basic e-aromat raspberry. So again, inconclusive information available as yet. =/

Much appreciated! :thumbsup:


So if a recipe calls for 8% caps DF how much would you add if you had TPA

8% CAP DF is pretty intense and I would think it would dominate just about anything else. I’ve never gone higher than 3% myself, so I guess it depends on what’s in the mix

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DF 8% tfa Bavarian cream 2% tfa Cotton candy 1% tfa sweet cream 1% cap sweet strawberry 6% tfa vanilla swirl 3% I bought tpa by mistake thought I got caps to remake my dragon blood recipe

Oh, I see what you mean, I totally misunderstood. I thought you meant how much TFA would you add for a blend with 8% cap.

It won’t be an easy sub, since CAPs has more of a bite to it, compared to TFA, but you could do 10-12%. to loosely equal 8% cap (or more if you want it strong)

If you removed the cotton candy, you will get an even more potent juice, since cotton candy (EM) mutes flavors over time. Sub another sweetener like marshmallow, meringue or whatever else you prefer. Just a thought, but I think it would be a good juice with or without