Cap Vanilla Custard Alternatives?

Hey stick to those guns you do things a specific way for a reason. I know that there are flavors that I’d like to see the review for but I can wait. lMAO


That would not be the fact, we can make them stronger like any flavour manufacturer by running them through a different process. It is more expensive way to produce a flavour concentrate, like any company.

Not all of the other industries use the super concentrates only some as the dilution rates are 0.1% in the products they are manufacturing on huge volumes. Like a craft brewer, distiller etc.

As for a weaker flavour, that would not be the case as the online range is designed for home brewing, syrups, vape, candle, cosmetics etc where on the volume usually used to mix a recipe say 10-30ml.
Where you wish to use 0.1% of a super concentrate, with an error of .1% will be detrimental to the recipe.

Most of the scales you use for measuring are not accurately calibrated for this requirement on such small volumes. Then there is the retail cost of super concentrates, where most people do not see the value in them or have issues using such low percentages. It is about a balance of making them user friendly across a raft of applications.

Thanks for your feedback Bigvape we do appreciate it


Thank you for your feedback, if you have a look at @HunkyVape on YOUTUBE you will see that he often uses some of our single flavour concentrates, ONE SHOT and is running them around 15% for his application. I think was has gotten a little lost here is that we make eliquids, flavour recipes for E Liquid companies that sell retail.

The expectation is that most fruit recipes have to run at 18-25% for a commercial application to cover all varieties of devices, from pod to RTA. Plus cater for a variety of taste of sugar levels, flavour levels.
This is why when we do a recipe on ELR we state this and run them at commercial levels.

Facts are that the lower the % of total flavour concentrate in a commercial e liquid the more sugar it will have in it, and or cool to compensate for the level of total flavour.

Yes you will find that 15% is more than enough as a total flavouring in most cases with our flavour concentrates. Single Testing a single flavour is just to get the profiles, how it performs at low and high%.
We know that 99% of our flavours do not bend at higher levels. With the exception of one or two, like Popcorn - aka Blue Fairy Floss, which at low% it is a popcorn flavour - high it is a blue fairy floss flavour.
It was developed that way for a clients needs.

Be sure to like and subscribe as they do a lot of work for the DIYer and the Vape Community advocacy

Thanks again for the feedback how we all grow.


Honestly. All you need is FA premium custard.


I find FA Custard Premium to be totally different than CAP VCV1 myself. The VCV1 is a heavyish eggy custard whilst the Custard Premium is less eggy and more pudding like. Of course, taste is subjective… But I know quite a few people who find it as different as I do. :man_shrugging: :smile:


With custard premium i get what i describe is a citrus note on it. I did notice after about 2 months of steeping it was pretty much gone. Ill retry it in another month or two and see if it goes away and yes id say it has a lot of similarities to wf vc. They are both not quite a full custard but more like a pudding.


Yes indeed, except I add some vanilla to it. No offnotes, just buttery goodness. Unlike FA regular custard with the citrus notes.


Well @k1LLA the key point is what you want from a custard: There are countless varieties made to reflect different styles and others aimed at reducing the steeping time. So naming your need is advisable. I personally have a dislike of adding vanilla to bakery and cream concentrates as it is just the laziest way to mask a substandard flavour. But, I am in the minority.

Although, once you know, don’t ask me for guidance: I quit all mixing shows as the only thing everyone wanted to talk about was vanilla custards.

Also, replying would show basic consideration regarding the amount of time many have given up to help you for free. As many have posted a request and then ghosted the thread they created, many have stopped offering assistance.

Oh and @Jetz, if you taunt some for not having your creations, you should be freely offering them to the blending community.


I think you may have taken the comments our of context, though you will be happy to know that if you follow the current flavour testing there is a offering on the post. All flavours are available from our online store and we are happy for any one to email us with any questions or proposals. Thanks


I love that @Lynda_Marie.


I can tell that @Jetz is more than willing to help get his flavors in our hands…He has been throwing around ideas of contests here on ELR and has added a nice discount code…As for Freely , if you mean FREE than thats something that I dont see any company doing often unless the mixer is willi g to test or create recipes that promote said Company…


Agreed @fidalgo_vapes. @Jetz has been far more involved then many/most vendors.


Agreed, he has helped me (privately) to get some ideas on what I needed and in doing so I put an order in…