CAPELLA FLAVORS what can I do with them?

Hi all,i have a simple question to you guys. can I create any liquid
which will be tasted well with these ??
maybe someone has similar flavors and tried do something. Thanks!

New Double Chocolate v2
Banana Split
Strawberries and Cream
Peanut Butter
Vanilla bean ice cream
chocolate glazed doughnut
caramel v2
juicy orange

VPG Power Smoke Base 50/50

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If you add your flavors to your flavor stash. Click on the ELR home link at the upper right of the screen then click on the search by flavor stash. when the window opens select the flavors you have then click on the what can I make button.

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thanks dude but I already do this but nothing special… So I decided to write this here and ask for help xd

Are these the only flavors you have?

Chocolate glazed donut alamode

2% Chocolate Glazed Donut
1.5% Strawberries and cream
1.5% Banana Split
3% Vanilla bean ice cream
1% caramel
0.5% Double Chocolate
0.5% Juicy Orange

Just off the top of my head. if it seems a little heavy reduce the donut and ice cream flavors by half a percent.


Unfortunately, I only have these flavors . As they bought I did not see what was going on with mixing :smiley:

thanks for help :wink: I’ll try to do it.

it tastes really good, do you have any other ideas for liquid? Thanks! :slight_smile:

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