Constant vapors tongue 👅

Sounds like PG may be a problem. Could try vaping VG flavored mixes at 100% VG and see if it cures the breaking out/hives. Might even help your tastes buds.
re: North west flavors VG based flavors ECX
Could google VG based flavorings.

Ran across this:

Good article, I’ve been vaping higher pg for over 4 years, maybe that’s why I don’t taste much of anything anymore. This is indeed sad since high vg makes me cough :frowning:

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What I have found that works, besides water, is crackers. I used to have a hard time testing juices after an hour or so and I found eating a few crackers(or anything similar) really cleansed my palate.
Also in the culinary world, we use intermezzo to cleanse the palate between courses. Citrus being the most common type of intermezzo…
Food for thought…pun intended :wink:


Good topic with some great tips.I have also used coffee at times ,sniffing it will cleanse the palate as well.

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Maybe conduct a self inflicted allergy test? Put a drop of PG on the back of your hand and let it sit, on the back of the other hand put some VG. Check for a reaction? Just an idea.

errrr…maybe you should try them one at a time. That way if you melt and turn into a puddle of bubbling goo, we will know which one. :wink:


Great advice Amy2,
As funny as it sounds I like to chew gum at times, wrap the tip of my tongue in gum and vape against the gum:) works for me anyway.

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Less can be more, but I do have some recipes at 25% that are phenomenal. How much water do you drink a day? when you brush your teeth do you brush your tongue as well? do you eat lots of spicy foods? So many things can add to or take away from vapors tongue. Do you take meds for a chronic condition? One of my meds makes my mouth so dry I can’t taste anything so I’ve re-arranged their schedule with my Dr’s approval to take them late evening so that the worst of the dry tasteless mouth issue is while I sleep, I do wake and sip water frequently during the night and end up taking a leak or two duing the night but it’s better than having the dry mouth all day.

Buff the spot with an emery board or some 220 sand paper lightly first to exfoliate some of the older skin cells and expose some of the more tender new ones, the reaction will be much more dramatic if there is one.

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Do you take any head meds or adderall or anything like that? If you do, you must drink lots of water, sports drinks and or pedialite . Lots of designer meds will dry you up and this kills sense of taste. Dehydration is not a vapors friend.

If your tastebuds are overstimulated, vape just nic and vg with no flavor for a couple of days to reset your taste buds.