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Coroner's Corner: Issue #1 Smok Alien ...the autopsy begins


Ok! Post 2 (quick link for your convenience: Coroner’s Corner: Issue #1 Smok Alien ...the autopsy begins) has been updated (and added all the nonsense I went through with Smok’s website, in trying to find firmware updates, testing said updates, and trying to figure out WTF with certain updates…)

Also, I meant to give massive credit to Reddit user “brendanlim” for his post here: https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/5mw5kk/new_smok_alien_revision_with_different_chip/?st=j01iv2vb&sh=f9b08494
which was the springboard of just some of the issues I’d encounter while ‘dissecting’ these Aliens.


I appreciate your work but don’t you think a mod that looks like that black one maybe wasn’t taken care of and not well loved as you stated?I mean things do break when mistreated.My alien works and looks like brand new after a full year of daily use.I paid $45.00 for it with the baby beast tank 3 months after its debut.

I agree that its not the most rugged construction or built with top notch parts but I think you are wrong to blame smok for what looks like abuse by the owner.Most of these Chinese manufactured mods are built on the cheap side.

The alien has received rave reviews all over the net,and I think rightly so in my opinion.

Hello everyone this is my first post,hope I didn’t get off on the wrong foot.


I thoroughly enjoyed this post. The first thing I do when something fails is to take it apart and find out why. Your autopsy report was a homerun IMO, and one of the reasons I won’t buy Smok mods. I know people love 'em, but they were pushing them out way too fast and the amount of “fail posts” were too high. After taking apart a couple of Wismec RX models, they were sloppily built as well. Cold solder joints all over the place and weak as sh-- 510 connectors. Won’t buy them anymore either.
Keep doing these whenever you can. Excellent write up!


BTW, sorry about the tooth. I have a good tolerance for pain, but toothaches either turn me into a 200lb baby or the Incredible Hulk (it’s a toss-up).


A zillion kudos for your work. I had a Sigeli that fired all by itself. The 10 second cutoff worked (work overtime) but I was ready to “duck and cover.” I took it apart just to see…but it went straight into the trashcan. I wish now that I had saved it so I could send it to you, but am also glad I tossed it.


Thank you, and welcome to ELR.

I think there’s some confusion. Hopefully I can clear it up. The black one was the one that was almost like new, even the USB port was clean (which is one of the first things to get dirty and have lint, and dust etc.collect). It was also the one that was DOA (screen-wise).

The one I referred to as “well loved” is the red one, which works perfectly (aside from the 510 connection going bad, and spinning). It’s also the one that’s endured all the “abuse” (daily wear and tear), yet still functions properly.

To me, that only reaffirms my position that due to no abuse of the owner, the blue one died an “unnatural” death. What I’m hoping to find is why.

As for the condition of the paint (on the red one), I have a Cuboid 150w, that’s been an EDC, and the paint was the very first thing to go. It was not due to abuse, neglect, or mistreatment. Simply having it in my hands “wore the paint off”. Though, it’s more correct to say, whatever choice of paint, or something within the finishing process went wrong. Because within as little as 60 days, I was noticing wear. I don’t have acidic sweat, like some do, or I’d see similar wear effects on my guitar strings, saddles, tuning hardware, etc. So it’s not through fault of mine. :wink:

Though paint issues have been an issue for a few manufacturers. Which is part of why it wasn’t worth mentioning to me when I did the write-up. I’m far more concerned with function over aesthetics (which anyone who’s been on ELR any length of time will attest to I’m sure). :wink:

That concern for functionality is also the same reason for the write-up. Thanks for reading, and for your participation!


I have no idea what chip is in it or even how to determine that. It does have green paint with blood splatter if that narrows it down. Oh! The paint actually is still sticking well (except where I’ve worn through it with use). Says version 1.3.2 on startup. I believe it was a fresh batch when I purchased it in april or may.


Well, that definitely means it’s a Rev. A chip. Just no idea whether it’s batch 621 or 709 or…? grin


Maybe it’s batch 777 cause it’s been lucky fo me! HA! Who knows… Chances are I’ll lose the damn thing in the woods when it falls out of my pocket (again). But if it dies a more standard fate, it will be coming your way! (Maybe already dissasembled because I’m the curious sort too)


If it helps…we rubbed paint off because the painting was poor and i looked better with more silver…

Oh, ha, @Sprkslfly you addressed this already!!


Alright… I want to just crawl under a rock and die.

I updated the first post, because the information I posted previously in respect to the “travel-limiting-keeper” (as I thought it was…) IS WHOLLY INACCURATE, incorrect, and just plain wrong.

This was a REALLY STUPID mistake on my part.

And I honestly can’t say anything other than I’m sorry. :persevere:

Nothing like putting a million-candlelight powered spotlight on my first attempt, and faceplanting into the asphalt in front of God and all of creation eh?


Okay, why the sudden change? What new information did you get?
At least you are humble enough to admit a mistake!


@Sprkslfly First off, fantastic post and even better that you’ve been updating it with more info as you learn it. I had an iJoy Limitless Lux dual 26650 that died on me…I took that baby apart 6 times to try and figure out what happened to it…finally figured out that some very very small electronic piece (a small cap maybe) basically cooked in place…I wiped it with a Q-tip and it smeared into dark gray and copper goo. Needless to say, I pitched it…wish I hadn’t as I’d love to get your post-mortem on it.
I am sure many of us here on ELR are going to bookmark this thread and see what develops as you do more of these!


IMHO there is no shame with honesty and little that is more commendable. After all, it was worse than you assumed.v At least someone is thinking about limiting the travel of this ridiculous supposed design.

I clean my 510 pins and threads with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol on a regular basis. Even if there is no tank leakage (happens to everyone) or condensation , there will still be oxidation. Glad I didn’t buy one of these because pushing down with a q-tip would probably push it out of place in no time.


Agreed. I am meticulous in how I care for things. I have a VT133 that has never left my desk and has never been dropped (and even if it had, the room is carpeted). It looks almost as bad as that Alien. Oddly enough, mine is everywhere except the battery door, which is what most people seem to have trouble with first. :woman_shrugging:


My @Whiterose0818 is a stay-at-home Mod…wouldn’t dream of risking a drop or worse!


Oh for sure, mine too! I’m scared to even take it into the kitchen, 10 ft from my bedroom. LOL. It’s my pride and joy and I love it. :slight_smile:


Dude, you’re being way too hard on yourself! You’re tearing into these things to learn more, and you are learning! And because you’re learning, so are we! I guaranfuckintee nobody is going to hold that against you. :wink: Rock on, bro! \m/


Basically, the piece that I thought went under the jeans rivet… Didn’t belong in that location after all.
It belonged in the bottom of the chassis, and in the door assembly.


Similar issue. I looked at a recent video on YouTube and one guy found cracked solder near the fire button.