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Coroner's Corner: Issue #1 Smok Alien ...the autopsy begins


China and recalls … trying to be funny? :smiley: You have a problem, buy the next model :tada:


Haven’t checked in on this thread in awhile and just read you were hurt. So sorry brother. I hope you’re doing better now.


I would buy stainless steel mods over any painted ones. This paint issue is definitely not restricted to Smok devices and to me, it serves no purpose. Either paint it the right way or don’t paint it at all.

My HTC VT250 has been losing paint without any abuse as well and like you, I’m rubbing off the paint because it just looks way better with more silver :slight_smile:


Like some other, I’m catching up late on this thread and am sorry to see you got into an accident. Hope you’re all OK now!

Thanks for the write up. I’ll definitely be looking out for issue #2


I think he meant callouts …how many mods have looked cool, sounded cool, reviewed cool but ended out being a POS and subsequently called out as such? I did get all your winks and smiles :wink: :grinning: …still tryna get a friggin :Sarcasm_Face: emoji on here :smirk:

That’s why I’m diggin’ the Coroner’s Corner. Right now …all we need is a time machine.


I’m glad you stumbled across my little editorial!
And I was hoping that “looking backwards” might assist us in looking forward when I was fleshing fleshing out the idea for this as a whole.

My goal is (at some point) be to substitute ‘finish’ for mod. But, it’s going to take time, and hands-on experience. :wink: But yeah, finish is part of it.

I figure, if I can see who maintains regularity in not only their processes (ie: wave soldering, technically proficient line work, etc) but also consistent sourcing of quality parts (respectable 510’s, battery compartments, etc) and safety oriented design (are vent holes functional, or merely decorative* -which seems to be the majority over recent years), then we have a better way to “hedge our bet” when it comes to laying down our dollars. :wink:

Truly, that’s the biggest downside. But, I’m hoping that gap can be closed somewhat. But my best chance for that to happen, would almost require linking up with just the right type of kind hearted reviewer who doesn’t suffer from the “gotta have its”! LMAO And that’s a taaaall order, because I think even then, the more thorough reviewers like to compare performance between mods in their collection (I obviously would), so I can understand that too! It would have to be, just the right person, in the right situation… :thinking:

Yes, this is DEFINITELY the single biggest hurdle. And I would expect that only the most confident of manufacturers would even consider it. The ones at the lowest end of the scale KNOW BETTER, and are probably in fact praying folks don’t take them apart. But, I think, if enough credibility was built up, and a reputation earned for honesty and integrity… Then I could absolutely see a few being bold enough to contact me directly. Possibly even at the vendor level as well, but honestly, given they have less to gain from a single model, I’d be more likely to expect a manufacturer to step up. (I’ve been surprised before though!)

Well thank you sir! I greatly appreciate your taking the time to both read, and share your thoughts! :beers:

decorative* = I constantly see/hear/read about mods having the obligatory vent holes in reviews, and or general conversation. But what infuriates me, is that it’s (in practice/concern) been long since relegated to nothing more than a “check box” to most reviewers and readers. Simply because I rarely see anyone mention:

  • “Are they unobstructed?” (So often, I see it pointed out that “it has battery venting”, but then it’s failed to be given any further thought…

  • “Are they properly placed”? (think dual 18650’s in a series installation, where the batteries are inverted from one another, and the circuit completed by a hinged door. ie: Smok Alien, Joyetech Cuboid 150, or Sigelei Fuchai 213, and even mods with a “traditional side cover”: IPV v5, or Sigelei Fuchai Pro, etc). All of these have inverted battery configurations, but none of them have actual working [read as unobstructed] vent holes, at each end by the positive terminals which is where working vents NEED TO BE in my opinion.)

To me, it’s laughable to say “There’s venting”, and then be shown an open door (where the vent holes are located), only to see a giant black insulating strip with two battery contacts covering the entire surface area of the door. In what way does this breath? :roll_eyes: :laughing:
But it’s ticked off, and on the “review” (or conversation) goes. /sigh


I haven’t had that experience occur, except with the very worst of pcb’s. And it’s something that most households have on hand (which is why I recommend it).

The vodka tip is very cool though! Thanks for sharing! :thumbsup:


:laughing: Love the term! (mind if I borrow it? :wink:

BTW, you’re not alone in the idea of taking “reference pics”. After working on enough smoked guitar amps…I developed the habit of taking “gut-shots” of my most prized electronics (while in new or working condition) to ensure that I’ll be able to ID component values etc should any decide to let go of their “magic smoke”.

Some companies are a complete PITA about getting schematics, parts, etc. :angry:


This is absolutely the case with some, and it’s obvious in many cases, simply due to the “glossing over” of other obvious issues IMO. :wink:

Precisely my line of thought. :grinning:


As would I. At least then I’d have the impression that they care enough to look for honest feedback in the hopes of maybe finding something they missed to improve on it (were they to fall short in some way).


While I definitely got the intended joke, there are a actually a few that I’ve seen (read/watched) send sample units out to a select group for feedback, and they actually listen, and improve the product!! /gasp :flushed: :wink:


Thks, I was also seeing whether i could do something about the battery connection springs. They are extremely tight and although i dont use it that often they havent budged much. They arent visible and housed in cups that the batt connects to and the wire connections inside the mod are solder to pins that ride as the spring moves. I would have to unsolder the connection and remove that board to perhaps shorten the spring or even sit on them for a day :rofl: Its built nice tho. I dont see a prob w/ 510 which was relieving, The pos pin contacts a metal strip soldered to the same board so no moving parts there.
just when i thought it safe to rewrap 2 sets, it ate ones i just did!
edit: suppose i should move the pic…


Well said!

Agree to the overall thought!

But I’ve also wished that the old trend of Silicon sleeves would resurge. At least then you know there isn’t going to be an issue! :wink:
Besides which, they’re far more comfy to hold, and grippy to boot IMO!


I am ahead of the inevitable


Yeah, some are way too stiff for the intended application IMO. And I think that’s frequently another sign of “speccing out” whatever part is “close enough”, and available in plentiful, yet cheap supply.

Honestly, from what you describe, and given it sounds like you may not be fully comfortable with that much (and level of) disassembly/etc., I would consider keeping it simple.

Possibly approach it from the “spacer angle”.
Meaning: install the batteries as you would normally, and insert an ultra-thin strip of not only something that won’t conduct, but is rigid enough to withstand the applied force. (A “full disc” nylon circle for example. No hole in the center)

The key issues to bear in mind though, is what width/thickness to use so you don’t over-extend (and render the tension useless), but also, how long to leave it in said “stretching” position (for the same reason). :thinking:

If you do give it a go, I wish you luck man!
I wish I had an easy “guaranteed fix” to offer. But this is the simplest I can think of offhand without finding a better set of springs and doing it “the hard way”. :wink:


not uncomfortable but perhaps a lil scared of what i may find…if i knew i could just snip the spring shorter. I honestly dont think they could possibly be springs, way to tight. No worries, i wrestle w/ it 1x a day and when it dont fire, i grab a mech box.


Yes, there are areas where they do improve, but there are other areas where they just don’t and they haven’t for a long time.
For example simple coil heads, how long have the biggest reviewers on youtube not been saying that they should simply state the material used on the packaging? How long have we TC lovers practically begged for SS coils besides the few nickel ones on the market? For years they just ignore vapers and keep on doing their own thing.

I can understand it from a business perspective, it’s an emerging market and they need to make a good profit to survive. But I think they’re past the initial period now of seeing whether it’s a viable business. They are making good money and they can afford to make better products, think about who they’re making their stuff for and keeping quality and their buyers safety on a bit of a higher level.
I can live with paint that flakes off, but simple things like good wiring and a quality 510 connector are a must.
Wismec (and affiliates) and Smok have pushed it for far too long so my reaction is simply not rewarding their actions, I will never buy any of their products again.


LoLz! I’m pretty sure “Pre-Mortems” are illegal in all 50 states :wink:


don’t think they have learned from there mistakes, i purchased Smok majesty a couple months ago, looking on the outside, they have the same 510 connection as the ver.2 Allien, which I have also, that has been in my SUCK box for awhile, and also got to looking at my Alien, i throwed some fresh batteries in it, and it fired up, but would only take a mod with a longer 510 pin and only fired any coil over .35 ohms, i really dont remember why I throwed it in the box. I do like there RTA’s and have 3 that serve there purpose very well. I bought 1 RTA -G4 for about 15$, I forget where, but I am very happy with it, but wicking them 4 coils is a pain in the ass, but the flavor and build quality is there. I won’t be buying there mods no more.


@Sprkslfly supposed to look like this untitled
notice the two contacts and the small pin in the center.

The last two are mine. Notice the lack of contacts and the small pin in it. There is a contact for it to make a connection so the mod will turn on.