Dangers of strong flavors?

I recently read an article about the dangers of strong flavors.When you smoke a lot then you stop feeling the full extent of certain odors


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Feel free to go back to smoking if that makes you more comfortable, we live in a free world. I prefer to believe tests that are scientifically done in a way that doesn’t distort reality, done and paid for by people who don’t profit from big tobacco, big pharmacy or fear mongering politicians. I’ve been vaping for years and I’ve only seen improvements in health after having smoked for about 25 years.


I think the OP is about vapours tongue? (not sure)


Ah could be … sorry … those words “I read about the dangers…” there are a lot of articles that talk about the dangers of flavors.

But yeah, too much flavor can numb your taste and smell. True true. It’s not a permanent thing though.
Use less flavor, alternate flavors, use something that gives your taste buds a kick (like a mint or cinnamon) to reset your taste.


Welcome @milly89 Vaper’s tongue is also what i gathered as the question. You can always try using the search engine here just as you would Google it. This thread has a bit of advice w/ links to others related. How to lose vapers tongue Gl to u!


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I missed that too @woftam, good catch.


I’ve been going through x-smokers flavor experience for the year since I quit.
I was mixing flavors that emulated fresh un-combusted tobacoo, with hints of hazelnut or apricot. I really loved these flavors at the beginning of my journey
Then I did more homework and discovered this site and listened to people talk about all sorts of different fun flavors, and started trying new things. I’ve put down the aforementioned tobaccos, though I’ve found that if I mix what’s left of them about 60/40 with straight VG they are pretty good.
It seems my taste buds have become more sensitive. Probably actually my olfactory senses. Maybe both. I’ve really enjoyed having new awareness of flavors, and it has made me a better cook as well.
Oddly, the changes continue, even after a year.
I’m so lucky to have found the near endless facets of this hobby, from flavors to rigs to tips and tricks, I’ve even learned more about batteries and wattage and resistance. Theres always more to learn.
I’ve begun fiddling with building coils, although it will be easier when my hands free lighted magnifier arrives. My eyes are pretty bad close up with small things.
Welcome to ELR.
Be sure to prowl the site and check F.A.Q’S, as many of the simpler questions have been asked before. People are good about answering them anyway, but you can save YOURSELF time, and get all the answers, often over 200 per question, in one fell swoop.
If you’re planning on mixing, start simple.
Mix easy flavors. Ones that you’re more likely to enjoy even though you’re a beginner.
Strawberries and creams and fruits usually taste pretty good even if you only kind of know what you’re doing.
Most of all, have fun.
And never ask about single flavor testing.
It’s like the beans in chili debate, or should I use soap on my cast iron pans.



Please, ask any question that you can dream of, @milly89 . We’re all here to chime in with any amount of knowledge we can.

There are things like this that have come up that spark debate and some people have an immutable stance on the subject. The search tool is your friend. No one person has the final answer for you, except you :slight_smile:

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Cheap attempt at comedy.
I thought since I had written such a “brilliant reply” that I’d throw in something that others could enjoy.
I’m naughty.


Oh, it was funny! I just thought a little explanation might help, after the jest :grinning:


Oh good.
I thought I was being sent to the proverbial principal’s office, something i was very accustomed to 50 years ago, as one might imagine.


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