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Decano by FA

Hello everybody,
I need any notes on a relatively new (at least for me) single flavour by Flavour Art. It’s called Decano, it’s listed as tobacco.
Any help will help :wink:


There you go Darling.


Was told its a like a western delicate cigar with creamy caramelized pear but i haven’t tried it yet for my opinion.


Thanks very much for the linkage @SquirrelSmash.


I’m not even a tobacco guy, so when something captures my interest, that’s saying something. If you like the notes below, I would recommend picking it up. It was a complex one.


@SessionDrummer thank you very much for the feedback.

@SquirrelSmash the only thing left is to sentence the deceased, I mean the defendant bwahahaha :joy:

@Beaufort_Batches appreciate your help.

You all have a good one.


At first I thought, what the hell did they do with this one? As SD said, it is a complex one, he was right.
As a tobacco lover and fairly good tobacco mixer, couldn’t place it, tested at 2% and yes it has some caramel notes, some RY4 thingy going on, but at the end it’s a shitty tobacco, FA did it again.
My brain went: NO GO and stalled on: this is a sh** this a sh**, and on and on and on, but all of a sudden it switched to, oh Christ, this is perfect!
It is the perfect flavour to do a gag (cigarette) , something to make people switch if they want to keep that kind of (shitty) taste but improved.
My brain went crazy, and started the process, pair it with some TPA Western or FLV Classic cigarette, Red Burley Fa Soho, Glory and the like, put some acidity like Whisky or a lime, now we have a winner and it’s perfect!
Sometime we have to stop and think carefully before ditching a flavour, but see its peculiarity and where it could go, I always believed that even bad flavours can have its own use and shine.


I regarded Decano as a middling mess: It tries to reflect all and a developed RY but just ends up annoying all.

I removed it from my blending palate after testing.