Definitely Don't when DIYing

If you mix by weight, just drip 10 drop of VG and multiple by 8 and there goes 80% of your mix. The rest is only 20 drops. You shouldn’t use Nic in a test batch anyway. And @Ken_O_Where stated steep time is short on smaller batches if steep is needed. It make a lot of sense to me and will save me a lot of wasted time and juice. This calculation will only need to be done once. From then on just pour 80 % VG and 20 drops.

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Considering 80% is vg ( mix) and 20% of flavor how is your nic factored in after this ? 20 drops is nothing I do that on a daily basis. 100 drops different story ( sounded more overbearing) so yes know that you’ve broken it down to something more conceivable of me doing I think I may " play around w/ 1% flavors to achieve a 20% flavor profile ( if I’m thinking correctly that gives me an ability to use 20 different flavors ? ) now are there 20 different flavors in a profile that will go Well together that’ll be the fun part. but Serious how do I factor nic in later ?

I don’t think I get what you’re saying @NewDrip . If you’re calling 10 drops of VG 80%, then each drop would be 8%. If 10 drops is 80%, you only have 20% left, divided by 8, that’s 2.5 drops of flavor to work with, not 20.

You could do a 50 drop mix and each drop would be worth 2% (40 drops VG + 10 drops flavor), a 25 drop mix and each drop would be worth 4% (20 drops VG, 5 drops flavor), a 20 drop mix and each drop would be 5% (16 drops VG + 4 drops flavor) , etc. Obviously, the idea of drops is not as precise and the less drops you use as your total #, the less precise your flavor % is going to be (e.g. 200 total drops gives 0.5% precision, whereas 50 drops only gives increments of 2%).

I think the whole point of the 100 drop test was to find what % to use for a flavor as a starting percentage if you don’t know where to begin or to test small batches of an idea before doing larger batches and tweaking. But, I could be wrong and maybe I’m not getting it.

@Amy2 It would depend on what your nic base ratio is. Once you do the drop test, you just use the flavor %s you come up with and stick them in the calculator as usual with your base, etc. and let it do the computing for you.


You can create your recipe as you normally do including the nic. Even if you only have 13% flavor then the rest would 87% Vg for the the test batch. If 10 drops weigh 13 grams you just calculate 13 grams times 8.7 to get 87% vg for the test batch.

I still think this is not for me. The flavor is going to shift once you put your nic base in and that means even less concentrated and above 100% considering my nic base is anywhere between 10-12% of the mix. I do understand what is being said but I still think this is only guesstimate and not concrete way of building a recipe.

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10 drops is 10%. multiply that by 8 and that’s 80%.

On a 10ml batch right ?
Lol this is a definitely don’t do for a noob us three make tons of recipes make plenty good ones and we all have an opinion either for or against this style. If a noob tries this mix they may get frustrated and miss out on a flavor they otherwise may be lead to think 1% is holy grail which totally isn’t for most.

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The weight of the batch is equal to 100 drops. Considering the specific gravity weight of each additive, each batch weight/volume would be different.

A test batch is a guesstimate to see how your flavors play together. I very seldom hit a perfect mix on version 1 anyway. with this method there is less ingredients wasted if it don’t taste right.

In a test batch u only sub vg for nic.
80% vg + 20% flavor = 100% test batch.
in the real mix
68%vg and 12% nic and 20% flavor = 100% .


I always just left the % of nic out and made it as the recipe follows on the site once I knew I liked it add the nic % that way the % is always 100%. You can do it several ways apparently. I hardly ever make test batches under 5 Mls anyhow but for a noob probably not the easiest method or user friendly. But I say this with my opinion. :blush:

This thread is making my left eye twitch a bit!


It,s real simple once you did a few. The only thing you need is flavor % for a test batch. The rest is vg.

Seems to me it might be easier to do tenths of a milliliter in a syringe. It’s doubtful you could guesstimate fractions with drops but you could get closer with a syringe. Probably a lot easier to syringe .8 milliliters, (or even .85, etc) then flavor. No multiplying, etc. Seems easiest to me…


I guess to each his own. Just trying to break it down. It simple math to me.

I know what you mean. Honestly, unless a person is planning to make their living off e-liquid I can’t understand all the focus on precision anyway. Sure, the 100 drop method is a kind of stab at a test batch.However, the point of a small test batch is to get some idea how flavors are going to work together…not producing a stock of liquid to use. I first started doing the 100 drops. Yes I would use the same dropper and count it out…1, 2, 3…and so on. Now I have some little 5ml bottles and will add a little vg/pg blend to about half full. I’ll just say that’s my base and then use my recipe and add their respective percentages as drops. If my recipe calls for 4% V.Custard, I add 4 drops. 5% Juicy Peach, 5 drops and so on till flavors are added. No nic in these. Shake and taste. If it’s enjoyable I’ll make a 30 ml bottle and shake/vape. If it’s fantastic it goes into my recipe book. If it needs work I make notes and try again or scrap it entirely. But I’ve never ever made a larger batch after doing the test batch and been disappointed because it tasted different. It’s always the same or at least imperceptibly different.


It seems very simple me to and much better than what I was doing before. I wish I could have explain that simply also.

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I think you explained it fine. I just am a different type of mixer I suppose. I usually like to follow some sort of recipe I’ve composed or elaborated/ modified. To me it just doesn’t seem to be that great of an idea. To you and many others y’all seem to like it. That’s all I get it. I still don’t mix by weight maybe soon. I have a scale just travel nursing right now where I move every 3 months so maybe down the road for weight/ gram mixing. I like too much flavor to be able to really enjoy any of the main flavors I’d like in the batch about 4 of them would have to be the same at 5% for me to get what I want out of a recipe (20%) at least.

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I’ve never done test batches. All my tests have been with nicotine in 10ml bottles. I’ve only had to dump 2…one was a god awful coffee attempt and the other was bacon something and it tasted like a urinal smells. LOL. Most of the time the mix was at least vapable even if it wasn’t perfect. Maybe I’ve just been lucky or I don’t care as much, I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gross urinals ! I’m pretty lucky myself. Haven’t done test batches in a good while so yea in the same situation. I get so bored w/ flavors I only make 7 Mls batches Bc I change flavors frequently unless I find something I want to make a larger batch of. I have the wizard lab bottles from the concentrates I soak them once I’m done using them and I just make juices with them. Their 8 Mls glass and easy to use ! All my other plastic and other larger glass rarely get used. And yes I don’t care if I don’t like it dump it or keep steeping. :blush:

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