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DIY Flavor Shack (DIYFS) Flavor Tasting Notes

I didn’t know either that they were a flavoring type’ish company and it is a little hard with no descriptions of what line of flavors is what. Until I saw a video interview on DIYorDIE. I guess they are the originators of Holy Vanilla and the AR line is a concentrated flavor line. Will have to check em out now. That cookie sounds like something I’d get also. :slight_smile:

I had them confused with another company that sounded like them, cause it was hard to find stuff for me also. DIY Vapor Shack or something? lol


The crazy thing is… I did type it into the search engine like this " holy vanilla " and got nothing. I gotta say that I was so annoyed that I decided I wouldn’t buy one single thing from them.

Oh well, I can be a d!ck sometimes.

I did however, order some concentrates from Chefs Flavours and am looking forward to getting that package.

Thanks for the response bro.


Hehe, same here @Dan_the_Man, the navigation/searching can be mad making. Glad their thing isn’t website design, hehe. Most of my luck is under the DIY Flavoring area.


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LOL, because I WAS able to search for Holy Vanilla, BUT, now the COOKIE doesn’t show up ??


But yet it does exist !!!


cracray as the kids say. They really need to do something about their website.


Probably the abbreviations that threw you.
DIYFS - DIY Flavor Shack
DIYVS - DIY Vapor Supply

Shack does their own flavors (Holy Vanilla, etc)

Supply sells a variety of hard to find flavor companies under one roof.


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I think we went full off topic here…


Without a doubt.
(that’s why I put in a request to have things moved :wink: )


Hi Beaufort_Batches, really appreciate you taking the time to do this testing and put it all together, hats off to u ay! I really enjoy it and find it so helpful I’ve been wanting to buy DIYFS flavours for a while, for where I’m at with my mixing I’m thinking about these flavours,
Holy Vanilla, Holy Holy Grail Ry4, And I was reading on DIYFS’s site in the reviews on the HV peeps saying their French Vanilla is excellent too.
Being in Oz I try not to order from overseas to much, I would if the keeners actually did grow on trees, I’ve made so many mistakes with obsessively buying flavours for no real reason which is bloody stupid but it happened yes, I’m just looking for the right flavours to add to get me to the very best juice I can make, which at this time isn’t much​:sweat_smile:. Other then the flavours you have mentioned is there any other flavours from that company you think I should get that are a must have for mixers? Thanks again and take care.:+1:t2:


For real LOL. Welcome to the Club. I still do that and probably 80 percent of mixers still do it too. I knocked my stash down from 300 to 200 and I am at 215 with some flaves I still have to add and I think my stash is a little to big but I can’t, won’t, or refuse to get rid of what I have even though I don’t use quite a few of them, but I might need them someday. :rofl:

Oh ya, you’re in deep my friend. you have 247 flavors. Oh ya, you are deep down the rabbit hole. I’ll see ya down there.


Hi, Dan_the _Man, yeah it’s crazy hey, thanks for the reply, glad you got them down a little and thanks for your honesty good on you.
Yeah lol it actually had become a bit of a problem I had to get help to lock my away my money, but then I discovered afterpay🧐 Which worked a couple of times but quickly gets so out of control.
I’m flat out getting through the best part of them, live and learn I suppose. Thanks again Dan and nice to meet you on here.


do you mix Salt Nic recipes for people ??

The reason I ask is bc i started using flavors that I dont typically use in Salt Nic recipes , things like Cap Juicy Lemon where is rather use MF lemon in a recipe for myslef … Using up my flaves that I haven’t touched in awhile has been great …


Hey DtM, I like that it appears to me that u saw through my smoke screen post of flavour hunting at DIYFS to the obsession of this awesome hobby of DIY ( I’m a bit slow I know) and yes I’m totally obsessed and I truely love it. Even know I’m not really doing that great at all with recipe creation it’s still great, it’s helps teach me to never give up and it helps keep me going, on a personal level as well and humbles me big time, as I think this recipe is going to be killer this time but it ends up being pretty crappy :rofl::rofl: I try to remind my self of Thomas Edison he failed 10 thousand times before getting the lightbulb right, but he said you know i had to get it right as I finally ran out of things that wouldn’t work, But if I didn’t get it right this time I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you which at that time he was talking to Napoleon Hill, it really helps me to not give up on my dreams, anything worth having takes hard work and obsession is necessary.
Thanks DtM👍🏻 Thanks all too.


I just started with Salt Nic. Like, it came in this week. Funny you should mention using stuff you wouldn’t use in your personal mix because I was thinking the exact same thing when I mixed something up for my nephew and his girlfriend. I found that the flavor for Nic Salt being used in a pod or something similar isn’t that great. So I used ingredients I wouldn’t or don’t use in my personal recipes. They are happy and so am I. Win Win. They get a superior product for much less and I get to use flaves I don’t normally use.


Even though I am a Nichola Tesla fan, Thomas Edison does have some good quotes. Like the one above. My favorite one is

" Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s dressed in overalls and it looks like work. "

Looks to me like you have skills and you are following some good mixers, Like @heatho72, who happens to be quite good at dessert recipes and after mixing several of his recipes I have learned a thing or to about flavor pairings and percentages.

Welcome to the forum and I look forward to some more of your postings. BTW, it would be awesome if you filled out your bio in the forum profile, that way we can get to know you better.

See ya around

Dan the Man


Hi DtM, I hadn’t heard that Tesla quote before but it’s great! So true.
I really appreciate your kind words and thanks heaps for making me feel welcome it’s nice. And yes for sure DtM I’ll get to that Bio asap too. Really happy to be here thank you.


First, I apologize for such late response to your message. Been busy with spring coming and all.

Well I have mentioned their Holy Vanilla and I have to say it is the only one that I must have. Don’t get me wrong though as I believe they have a wide range of really good concentrates that are really good. They are just are not as widely available to everyone globally and that makes it difficult for their brand to be commonly found in a wide array of e-liquid recipes. It is in my opinion that this may be only part of the case but I do think that personal testing would have to be considered to be sure if anything they make would be a must have. I really like their Apple Crumble and Cookie but I don’t have to have it although you may find differently. As such, I can only say that Holy Vanilla would be the best bet at a must have.

I really need to put more attention to this thread and load up some more notes on DIYFS here. Maybe I will find time soon.


Hi Beaufort_Batches,

Thank you mate, and no need to apologise hoping your going great. I do like the sounds of the Apple and Crumble Cookie.

I’m very happy I think I’m just going to get a few concentrates for now.

The Holy Vanilla, HGRY4, ACC, and maybe try the French Vanilla.

I think the thread is great and thank you for taking the time again to help people out with your knowledge/ flavours experience.

Take care Beaufort_Batches.:+1:t2:


By the way, their French Vanilla is good, very similar to TFA in my humble opinion.Their RY4 is better than TFA in my opinion but the best RY4 (to myself only) is Jungle Flavors.


Thanks Beaufort_Batches! I really appreciate

Your opinion and all noted. It Just blows me away tbh juice making there’s so much in making good juice, learning so much. It really is time for me to put my head down now and really get into testing and playing around with lil 9-10ml Batches I think that is where my mixing grow will start. Thanks again B_B👍🏻