Diy flavour choise

Hey guys so today I got my self a diy vape kit with 500ml VG 500ml Pg with with five flavours (kiwi,apple, blueberry.mixed Berry’s and grape) just looking to see if anyone could tell me a good combination to mix and also steep time thanks :wink:


Hi and welcome to ELR!

What brand are your concentrates?

Have you entered your flavours over on the recipe side of the site ( That will make it easier to search for recipes and ideas.

There’s tons of useful threads to help too…here’s a couple to get you starterd:



I actually got from eBay and if i think right it’s from the flavour company so all the VG/PG Also the flavours come from there also thanks for getting back to me

Best I can say is mix single flavors. @ recommended percentages for the flavor. To see what you think of the flavor. If you cant find a recomended % on bottle or on this site . Ask the manufacturer…

Would recommend getting some other flavors . To expand your choices on flavors you can make .

On the resource page there are some reputable uk business you can order from.

I don’t know anything about the company you ordered from. But a look at the reviews tell me most of the positive reviews were multiple reviews from the same few people.


Can you post a link to what you purchased?

Based of what he said . This is kit I found on eBay

All our concentrates are all manufactured in the UK… appears to be re-bottled

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Yes that’s the stuff there lol :joy:

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And what do you mean re-bottled?

Means company doesn’t make it, just rebottles it and puts their label on it.
Kinda like this

But nic doesn’t hide the fact that someone else makes the product. For example peaches and cream is made by capella.

Rebottling isn’t a bad thing. A lot of vape suppliers buy in bulk and pass the savings to their customers…


Rebottling only becomes bad when the reseller doesn’t tell you what the original brand is (to keep you locked into buying from them), or when they dilute the original product (with PG/alcohol/water/whatever?) solely to increase their profits.

Avoid eBay like the plague, unless you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, or a reputable vendor (think think NicotineRiver or BCV), not ‘Joe blow’ whose sold 10,000 units. It only takes ‘the same 1000 idiots’ ordering 10 items each time, to move 10k units…


Ohhh right i see well by the looks of my bottles they have been re-bottled then but the flavour is still strong when u smell it from the bottle :joy::rofl: but the liquid does seem watery. Don’t know if it’s ment to be like that or not but yeaa flavour and smell still there :wink:

Often you can not really tell anything from a “watery” looking ingredient. Many of mine would/could be termed that since they are made with pg (which is watery like). The issue comes up by not knowing the original brand so as to compare it with. What you will most likely need to do is small samples of the separate flavors and then decide how they will work together.


Okay thank you all :grin::wink:

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I contacted the seller he advised me to use 15-20% per mix of concentrate also it is Pg bassed he didn’t tell me the manufacturer of the liquids but isn’t 15-20% be abit much ?

Yes! that’s crazy. I wouldn’t buy from them if i didn’t know he manufacturer of the flavor. I would want a reputable company


I won’t be ordering from them again i just made a sample bottle of 10ml with 15% grape see how it goes. :joy: If it’s bad I’ll go back on the bottles i bought out the vape shop :rofl:

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I would only use no more than 5% in the sample if you can’t taste much add a little bit more


I already tried the 5% i actually used 5-10% yesterday but no flavour the 15% seems to have a bit more flavour to it but no where near the best :joy::joy::joy::joy:

To me, that says that Unless it’s a FW flavor, it’s almost certainly been watered down. :frowning:

Even with FW and MTL hardware, there should be PLENTY of flavor (as I understand it. As I personally haven’t ever had to go above 8% yet with FW)