DIY = more ejuice = less sleep?

I wonder if you notice a need to add a little more flavor as you increase the nicotine, and if so at what rate?[quote=“fidalgo_vapes, post:20, topic:79094, full:true”]
i only use a scale unless my flave is in a glass bottle

I use a scale no matter what i mix in, and no matter what the flavor is in too

Same here… I transfer all my @Nicotine_River ingredients into smaller glass dropper bottles, as I need them. The bottles they come in are too tall for where I store my ingredients at (actually they would fit but I couldn’t see what was behind them).

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i definitely need to explore the mixing by weight technique. i think i’m stuck to the way i saw this is done the very first time (like a baby learning how to walk) - and need to get my brain reformatted :slight_smile:

what i do for the time being, i’m still on volume mixing, but i would use the exact same measurement “pipette” for all the components in the mix, PG, VG, base, flavors - at least this way, even if there’s a shift in the scale, it applies to all ingredients consistently so net result is, the final mix ratios are intact - of course it won’t work if i’m doing a large batch, but i’m not there yet. my largest is 30ml

if i feel the recipe is close ill add in .5 percent incriments , i use nicselect which is pretty tasteless so the change in flavor only occurs after the juice has sat ( steeped ) i stopped putting nicotine in the steeping process about a month and a half ago , think about it , if you put nic into a juice that has to steep for a month what starts happe ing to the nicotine ??? and how will you ever truly know what that juice taste like ???

question to @fidalgo_vapes, if you steep your recipe without the nic, does the juice still get darker?

thinking if the darkening of steeping juice is only due to nic oxidation or is it a normal part of the flavor binding to PG/VG?

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that wld be dark if i added nic , i have no way to bottle in a clean room with minimal oxygen thats is one advantage the commercial companies have , i have wanted to build a clean box to work in bit never have the time

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Interesting, i see this was mixed 7/29
i’m still trying to figure out what exactly happens during steeping - i know it’s a big topic and too many

discussions about it, and methods, and schools of thought, etc - but just trying to settle on my own steeping protocol - and from what you provide here, it seems steeping has 2 separate pieces happening, flavor binding (which i hope i can find a good way to expedite) and the nic oxidation - which causes the juice color to darken.
i’ll stop here before this opens into a big steeping discussion :slight_smile: but thank you so much for this.

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the only time it darkens withiut the nic is if you have a super dark flavor like inawera caramel

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I believe it may be oxidation of the nicotine with the PG/VG as the vape store I buy from sells pre diluted nic and it is all darkened. Also when I buy my juice there it comes amber colored even tho they mix it on order. I can mix the exact same DIY juice and steep it for a month and it is still crystal clear even tho I mix nicotine PG/VG and flavor when I mix it. I have noticed the store bought juice seems weak what they sell for 12mg has much less effect than what I mix at 10mg. But darker flavors will change the color, and sweeteners will cause the oxidation to change the color more rapidly.

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if you want to make the steeping process faster , get an ultra sonic cleaner , but do not add nic bc the cleaner uses heat , i believe that 2hrs running the utrl sonic cleaner is apprx a week worth of steeping , a friend if mine uses one he runs it for two hours then lets sit until it has cooled off i believe he said 4hrs then he will run it again this time removing cap while cooling down this allows diketones to blow off then caps the juice waits a day and does the process again so he ends up with his jujce having a steeped effect of a month , ive seen you tube test and it seems to work ive always felt natural is the way to go i do use a magnetic stirrer ut makes a big difference

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does anyone know for sure what happens to nicotine “chemically” when heated. some say it loses potency and gets “weaker”, some say it evaporates (that missing 1ml experience) but has anyone seen detailed information or any scientific report?

please ignore my question above. i googled and found enough info to what i’m looking for. all good…

What did you find?
If heat is bad for nic then what happens to nic in a tank, most if not all tanks when in use get hot.

found couple of folks who did actual lab tests after heating, they concluded that it was “little degradation” - good enough for me.

i did try speed steeping with heat and found no “bad” change in flavor or harshness, and it actually helped shape the flavor from the initial taste after mixing (and color changed slightly). my brain just keeps comparing steeping juice to “making tea”, and it’s hard to accept that i can make tea leaving tea in cold water for 2 weeks. unless there’s a process similar to fermentation involved here (which i doubt) then I should be able to use heat for mixing juice.

will research further - sorry took the thread to a completely different track - unintended.

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Interesting… I make iced tea buy putting tea bags into cold water for a couple hours. It makes the tea taste less bitter than if I heat the water first. Heat definitely changes things. Just my random two cents, can’t stay how much that applies here, just thought I’d throw it out there. :wink:


That’s definitely a good one, i wonder if it’s an exception. Looking at the full spectrum, I find more things where we use heat to prepare than not, including stuff that classically used flavor concentrates.

I don’t think there’s a silver bullet here. I like a coffee variant that is prepared using very slow heat and continuous stirring, and I also like instant coffee It’s just different ways with varying results, not necessarily bad ones.

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You need to buy medically approved syringes…what you have are caulking guns.

Magnetics, period
I want all of my ingredients blended and aged together.
Mix and stir in beaker. Pour in bottle(s). Age. Vape.