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Ok then i have a question for you that i would totaly understand if left unanswered.

If i make a 5 dollar donation through paypal vs through patreon. How much would each net you?


Uh, no idea. It prompted me to look into it. PayPal takes 1.9-3.4% + $0.30. Patreon has three fees: a 5% Patreon fee, a processing fee, and a payout fee. In total it varies from 11-18% as far as i can tell!

PayPal would get me $4.50 - not really sure about Patreon.

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Well i’ll go with which ever one you prefer.

But i have to be honest patreon kinda put me off in that i charges me VAT (21% in my country), if they on top off that take other fees i feel like its kinda a rip off.


It’s up to you - I’d just stick with PayPal :slight_smile:


I will then.Just made a monthly reminder in my agenda.

Anyways this months donation is done, keep up the great work :+1:


I donate to someone in Pateron… I didn’t know you were on there.
I’m definitely going to donate monthly to ELR.
It is my lifeline and without out I’d be in deep trouble.


Thank you so much! I hope you’ll continue to find ELR useful :slight_smile: I can’t even remove your ads, because you already donated several times - so thank you! :smiley:


I just set up for monthly donations in order to contribute in some way rather than take up space hahah. Thanks for the wealth of info and time you all put into this site. I’m thrilled to have found it!!


Just FYI: Recurring donations through PayPal doesn’t work, for that you’ll have to use Patreon: www.patreon.com/ELR or just manually donate with PayPal :slight_smile:


I clicked cc option…will this not work?


It’s the least I can do. Your site is the foundation for my DIY and makes it so much easier. Keep up the good work.


Not if it’s PayPal - recurring donations via PayPal isn’t set up for ELR :frowning:


Ah well, Wasn’t gonna use that option anyway. My plan is to recurrngly donate whenever I happen to feel particularly flush. I avoid standing orders and such, cos my bank balance is too often too close to zero, and I’d rather not be forced donate money to the bank! :grin:

Still, I reckon it’s pretty poor dos if i can’t spare a small fraction of what I spend on concentrates to support this wonderful site. Do the option of just chucking a few quid every now and then is much appreciated!

Oh! PS . thanks very much for removing my ads! :slight_smile:


New YEAR! Time to donate something again my friends.
Let’s keep this bus a-rollin’


Where/what is the donate addy to use for Paypal? I can’t locate a link anywhere… and it has been a while since I sent funds.

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Down the bottom if you have donated before and I believe up the top if you have not. The locations on the actual page may be wrong but they are on that page.


Thanks, found it from the link you provided.

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I can’t connect to ELR. For some reason, this stupid Pilot truck stop wifi
isn’t letting me thru.
All other web sites are fine. Grrrrrrrrr

Anyhow… I think the link is at the bottom of your profile page, but you
just PayPal Lars directly to his pp email: lp@coder.dk

Alisa Borek

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” ~Unknown


Done and done :+1:t2:

I have zero problems donating to an awesome site like this.

Happy mixing everyone.


Finally got around to helping out a bit thru PayPal , seen you have a Patreon but they only had two options that I could find.One for $1.00 and the other $30.00 per month.
I think a couple more options would be great if possible.Thank you for the site!

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