Duomei Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer -- Testing Now!

Thanks, will do that when I receive the Pack.


You can do a SFT to verify SDs call. Once you get your flavors load up that soda stuff, try it and then lick your shower curtain. I’d like some verification on this.


Will do that! And then I get to tease SD mercilessly for many weeks for forcing me to taste a shower curtain.


Sour Lemon (Duomei) 0.2%/0.4%/0.8% (1-15-23) – Many lemons can be HELLA strong, and with some of the SUPER concentrated Duomei’s I’ve tested so far, I had to start this one at 0.2%. It was good, but surprisingly relaxed, so I increased to 0.4%, than 0.8%. Across all testing weights, it never got squirrel-y or went sideways. It presented as a really good, natural lemon with SOME tart and sour. At just below mid level sweet, it had a clean, and fresh taste. The only shortcomings were it’s relaxed nature, even after increasing the strength. It was not candied or bitter, and being billed as a “sour” I was surprised it wasn’t MORE sour. This is one of the more “forgiving” flavors in this Duomei series, in so much that it wasn’t as strong, and could be easier to mix with. Fresh, bright lemon notes that stayed very natural tasting with no real off notes is what you got with this one, but I wish I could have pushed it a little more forward. It’s possible that going above 1.0% (and possibly higher) MIGHT saturate it more, but unlikely. Great addition to any lemonade, tart, meringue, and I’m not 100% it could pull the FULL Lemon freight or not. Def. as an additive/booster. Because of the somewhat relaxed-ed-ness, I’ll leave it at a solid 8.5/10.


Tropical Fruit (Duomei) 0.4% (1-15-23) – Only ONE Duomei remaining after this one. I know what I personally think of when I hear “Tropical Fruit”, but everyone’s expectations may vary. I got SOME of what I expected, but not ALL. At 0.4% it was pretty solid, with at about mid-level sweetness, and nothing off-putting. The main note that I got from this was a Mango. There may have been a more subdued Strawberry in there, maybe even a touch of Lime, but the supporting flavors were lower in the mix, and overshadowed by the Mango. Now, with THAT said, it was actually very good, but not truly what I would think of regarding a tropical fruit medley. While chuffing through multiple tester tanks trying to find fault(s) with this one, I kept digging to try and better assess the suporting flavors, but they just defied identification. What I also found interesting was I got no coconut from this one, which is another which I had assumed would be in there. Once again, I don’t mean to report these “missing” profiles to detract from how good it was, just reporting what I got. You’ll have to decide what constitutes a “Tropical Fruit” to your tastes. All in, I didn’t find the need to increase the strength as it felt really good at 0.4%. I found no off notes despite looking hard, and may experiment after this series is complete, by adding some banana, and coconut just to see if that pushes it over the edge. Rating this one was slightly tricky, as it was STILL a tropi fruit, but not what I expected. With that said, I think it’s fair to leave it at an 8.8/10, with the only takeoffs being, the missing “expected” tropi fruits that would have solidly landed it under it’s namesake. Still, pretty damned good.


Yellow Mango (Duomei) 0.5%/1.0% (1-15-23) – Sorry @lukeloop, as I saved this one for last. I can NOW see why this one has been raved about in the little amount of info I could scour up on it. It could be JUST short of a Mango Nectar of the Gods !!! OK, maybe JUST short of that, but it IS damned good. Currently one of my MOST used Mangos is SC’s, and I was constantly trying to compare the two, but not having an A/B tank running it was complicated. This one simply knocked it out of the park, and nailed the Yellow Mango profile perfectly. You got a huge helping of juicy fruit flesh with this one, and some very subtle almost “green” notes on the finish. The main fleshy body notes were fairly complex, and at times, I almost got a Mango Gel if that makes sense. Plenty full @ 0.5%, and I increased it to 1.0% and it did increase somewhat, but not linearly. Sweetness was almost at mid-level, and this had no off notes at either testing weight. Juicy, fleshy, and pretty damned natural tasting were my big takeaways on this one. Surely you could mix with it, but even solo’d it was just complex enough to hold your interest. Not fatiguing or cloying, and let’s just say, I’m glad I picked up the BIG bottle of it. If you’re looking for a great, natural tasting, yellow mango, with incredible fleshy, main body notes, with just a slight kick of green on the way out, you TOO may want to pick up a BIG bottle of this one. Really hard to fault, and it just tasted almost perfect. For that, and just to piss @fidalgo_vapes off, I’ll leave this one @ 9.99/10.


Thanks out again to James from http://www.DIYLiquid.com.au for sending this huge lot of Duomei flavors for review. Some of them were good, others were great, and a few were exceptional. I know the flavors are extremely hard to source, and the flavor packs are selling out, so if you ARE interested, don’t wait too long !!!

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@SessionDrummer, I think I’ve asked before but just to be sure can I confirm I can add my opinions on the four Duomei concentrates that I’ve bought on your thread?
They’ve been steeping now for 15 days so are good to go following my usual steep times.

Three would be a second opinion and one I don’t think you tried. I picked up the Redbull yesterday but will leave my thoughts until later in the week.


ABSOLUTELY @Gazza7. I mean thanks for asking, but these are ALL of our flavors. I can’t WAIT to see/hear what you think, and I mean that. I know what I think, but it can be like living in an echo chamber.

Please do, and I hope @KC111 and others post there thoughts as well. Cheers…


Are you sure you are done??? I don’t see any notes for Duo’s RedBuuLL or Pineapple in your notes if you did pick up the Flavor Pack.


@KC111 I chose individual flavors, not the “pack”.


And now I know. If I don’t like it, I’ll send them to you.



Honestly, you AND @Gazza7 (and EVERYONE ELSE), should feel FREE, to post up ANY comments, notes, or thoughts on these flavors. The MORE the MERRIER !!!

You may not THINK you’re a “reviewer”, but you never know. Also, with that said, keep this in mind. Just because you write something down on a piece of paper, doesn’t mean you can’t EDIT it. You’d be surprised. Get a literal piece of paper, and AS your vaping it, WRITE DOWN whatever pops into your head, doesn’t matter what, or how crazy it sounds. You think it, WRITE IT. THEN, after the dust has cleared, you can ALWAYS edit your notes, RE-write, and/or change before you publish. First thoughts, are sometimes the most accurate.


I don’t SFT. I only agreed to do 10ml of the shower curtain one when it comes in.


Fuck yeah! Let’s hear it for science…and shit! :grin:


Oooooorah !!!

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Well it’s good thing you don’t SFT then.


Wait, wait, wait.

10 WHOLE mls ??? !!!


You originally suggested 20ml’s, we compromised on 10ml’s when I wanted to do 0ml’s, LOL. :wink: Should we further compromise and do half a drop in 5ml’s??? :grin:



20ml on THAT flavor @KC111.

I don’t want to tell you how much PG/VG/NIC Cotton I blow through on a 20+ flavor series.